RiceSelect introduces 3 new blends

RiceSelect introduces 3 new blends

Innovative 2014 varieties incorporate chia, jalapeños and mushrooms.

RiceSelect has long been a believer that rice should be just “as Mother Nature intended” and has held steadfast its commitment to use non-GMO, all-natural, U.S.-grown seed. Just in time for consumers to kick off healthy eating in the new year, RiceSelect is introducing three new innovative varieties to its product line up. Incorporating RiceSelect’s proprietary Texmati® and arborio rice, these new selections are packed with healthy additions including chia, jalapeños and mushrooms and provide an inspiring alternative to the typical side dish.

Royal Blend® with Chia is a delicious and nutritious combination of Texmati Light Brown, Whole Wheat Orzo and the ancient super food Chia Seed. Chock full of omegas, protein and fiber, Chia has been shown to improve overall heart health while providing 18 percent of the recommended daily intake for calcium, which is necessary for bone and oral health. This delicious rice is naturally low in fat, cholesterol and sodium and serves as a tasty heart healthy dish. Flavorful and aromatic, Royal Blend with Chia is enjoyed alone or as a side dish, or can easily be a quick, healthy main meal with the addition of chicken, beef or tofu.

For a delicious, mellow comfort dish, RiceSelect™ introduces Arborio Blend™ with Mushrooms. Referred to as “nature’s little treasures”, mushrooms are naturally low in calories and sodium, and are free of both fat and cholesterol. They also contain the important minerals Vitamin D, Potassium and Riboflavin and contribute to the body’s resistance to allergies. With the subtle earthy taste of mushrooms and just the right touch of garlic and onions, this gluten-free Arborio Blend makes for a flavorful risotto that will appeal to the whole family.

For rice-lovers who enjoy a little heat, the Arborio Blend with Jalapeño kicks risotto up a notch with just the right blend of creamy and spicy. The perfect addition to any healthy New Year initiative, jalapeños have been shown to prevent inflammation in the body while also regulating blood pressure and stimulating the metabolism. The spicy jalapeño flavor is mellowed by the creaminess of the arborio rice and both are balanced nicely with the addition of onion and garlic. This innovative and gluten-free Arborio Blend makes a flavorful risotto side dish that pairs well with poultry or seafood, or can be a delicious one-dish entrée with the addition of shrimp, chicken or tofu.

All three new varieties are packed in RiceSelect’s signature reusable, reseal-able and recyclable BPA-free PET jars and will be on store shelves beginning February 2014. RiceSelect products are widely available throughout the United States at major retailers including HEB, Kroger, Publix, Giant, Safeway, Food Emporium, Winn-Dixie, Kings and countless others.  



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