Sambazon Announces Scientific Advisory Board

Sambazon, the global leader in acai, announces the creation of a Scientific Advisory Board. The Board of established and respected individuals in the health and wellness community will assist in communicating the accuracy of existing data stating the nutritional benefits of Sambazon organic acai. They will also develop and execute human studies examining the health impact of Sambazon acai consumption in the diet.

To further educate their loyal consumers and advance their expertise in acai, Sambazon has assembled a team of professionals with extensive knowledge in organic foods and nutrition to provide insights and conduct additional research on the benefits of Sambazon acai. "This is not only an investment in Sambazon, it is an investment in our consumers," explains Ryan Black, CEO. "We are excited to be working with the preeminent scientific authorities in our industry and to continue to uphold superior nutritional integrity through all of our current and future product lines."

The Sambazon Scientific Advisory Board includes the following experts:

Jack Bukowski M.D., Ph.D. - As Chief Scientific Officer for the Nutritional Science Research Institute and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Bukowski's focus has been on immununutrition, the study of how nutrients in certain foods & beverages can induce our innate immune systems to fight off disease. In 2003, his study was published, proving that drinking five to six cups per day of tea boosts, by 500 to 1500%, the ability of an innate immune system component to make interferon gamma.

Jonathan Gordon, Ph.D. - With undergraduate degrees in Engineering and Food Science and a Doctorate in Chemical and Process Engineering for research in Soy Protein Chemistry and Microbiology, Dr. Gordon has been an integral player in the continued development, commercial production and determination of health impact of soy products. Over the years, Dr. Gordon has worked in and managed a multitude of food and beverage product development areas such as aseptic beverages, juices, emulsions, fat-replacers, nutraceuticals, diet and wellness products, center-plate items, meats and meat analogs, flavors, and bars. He now runs Glasgow Consulting Group LLC., a full service product development consulting company.

Marie Spano, MS, RD/LD, FISSN, CSCS - Spano is one of the leading sports nutrition and nutrition communications experts in North America. Currently serving as Vice President of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, she has helped elite, professional and amateur athletes go beyond their personal best and achieve maximum performance in their respective sports. She has appeared on Fox, NBC and CBS affiliates in the greater metropolitan Washington, DC area, Georgia and Alabama and is a regular contributor to Muscle & Fitness Hers, FitnessRx for Women, Diabetes Self Management and Today's Dietitian.

About Sambazon:

Sambazon is the global leader in Acai. Founded in 2000 as the first company to bring the antioxidant-rich Acai berry from the Amazon to North America, Sambazon's mission is to deliver the highest quality, organic Acai products. Sambazon's product line of Organic Acai Juice, Frozen Acai Smoothie Packs and Sorbet, Acai Supplements and Amazon Energy are enjoyed by world-class athletes and health-conscious consumers everywhere. Products are available at major retail stores and juice bars across North America including Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger, HEB, Albertsons, Vitamin Shoppe, and Jamba Juice! Sambazon is also a leader among organic foods and sustainable agriculture. In November of 2006, Sambazon was named a winner of the Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence for helping to create worldwide awareness and demand for the Acai fruit. Sambazon pioneered the first of its kind Fair Trade and Certified Organic supply chain of Acai which benefits thousands of local families and protects the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest through sustainable agriculture. Sambazon is the largest vertically integrated supplier and marketer of Acai products, controlling every step of the manufacturing process to ensure sustainable and organic origin of the fruit as well as the highest level quality, nutrition, taste. To learn more about Sambazon and how they create positive change in the Amazon and beyond please visit us at

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