Science Briefs

Authentication of organic products
Consumer interest in organic products has increased over recent years because they are considered to be safer and are produced in an environmentally compatible manner. Differences in quality between organically and conventionally grown oranges were examined through the detection of markers linked to nitrogen metabolism.

Breakdown of St. John's wort
Stability of the active constituents of the herbal remedy St. John's wort in functional beverages has been questioned. Their stability in a fruit-flavoured drink at acidic pH and with light exposure was investigated.

Spoiling microbial growth in fruit yoghurts
Products with minimal processing are popular with consumers, thus it would be desirable to have fruit yoghurt products that meet this demand. Natural preservatives derived from food plants and food-grade microbes are thus of interest for reducing microbial growth in yoghurt containing minimally processed fruit.

Know your onions
Onions are an important dietary source of flavonoids, which help protect against cancer and heart disease. Varietal differences in flavonoids content and biological activities of onions have been assessed.

Novel antioxidant from fermented mushroom
Lipid peroxidation has negative effects on biological membranes and edible oils. Antioxidant activities of peptides from the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum are evaluated.

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