SourceOne(TM) Global Partners Launches Cholesstrinol(TM) – A Unique Platform of Heart Healthy Formulas

CHICAGO, IL – SourceOne™ Global Partners has announced it has developed a competitive platform, branded Cholesstrinol™, for its multiple proprietary heart-healthy combinations. Branding these combinations under one name is designed to leverage their scientific basis and position these cutting-edge formulas for long-term success.

The Cholesstrinol launch is significant and timely. Each February is Heart Health Month, designed to educate and encourage the public to embark on their own healthy lifestyle campaigns to preserve the well being and function of their cardiovascular systems. Cholesstrinol is a widely scoped and all-encompassing platform that provides numerous targeted and customized solutions for consumers with specific cardiovascular concerns.

Jesse Lopez, President and CEO of SourceOne, noted that the combination of TocoSource® Palm Tocotrienols and PMFsource™ Citrus Bioflavonoids (as found in Sytrinol®) is the foundation for SourceOne’s Cholesstrinol family of heart healthy formulas.

“Not only are we the worldwide exclusive licensee of Sytrinol and a leading supplier of TocoSource Palm Tocotrienols and PMFsource Citrus Bioflavonoids, but our Cholesstrinol family also includes compelling combinations of patented and proprietary ingredients such as high-potency Omega-3, Phytosterols, CoQ10, Gamma Tocopherol, and more,” Lopez elucidated.

Supporting heart health to prevent dire cardiovascular events is one of the top concerns among middle-aged and elderly Americans. Approximately 64 million Americans currently suffer from cardiovascular complications, and SourceOne’s Cholesstrinol family of heart-healthy ingredients offers the health-conscious consumer a variety of effective, science-based solutions that help avoid cardiovascular and coronary problems.

According to Lopez, every product under the Cholesstrinol umbrella is supported by a strong platform of clinical evidence demonstrating conclusive ability to deliver a desirable range of heart-healthy benefits. These attributes may include significantly improving healthy total, LDL, VLDL, and HDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, providing powerful antioxidant effects, promoting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, and supporting healthy blood pressure levels.

In addition, Cholesstrinol significantly reduces many of the key biomarkers associated with metabolic syndrome. “Metabolic syndrome is characterised by a group of risk factors that increase the risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease and other diseases associated with plaque build up in artery walls,” summarized Dr. Hans Georg Weder, Founder of Vesifact AG (Alliance Partner of SourceOne) and Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Physical Pharmacy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETH Zürich).

Most recently, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, November/December, 2007, Vol. 13, No. 6, published the results of several studies that combined TocoSource and PMFsource in the precise formula found in Sytrinol. The largest study, a 12-week double-blind, placebo-controlled protocol with 120 subjects, resulted in significant improvements in total cholesterol (-30%), LDL (-27%), and triglycerides (-34%), compared to placebo. In addition, HDL levels increased 4%, resulting in a significant 29% improvement in the LDL:HDL ratio.

“With TocoSource and PMFsource as a foundation -- combining other branded, proven heart-healthy and patented proprietary ingredients exclusive to SourceOne such as OmegaSmart™ Omega-3, SterolSource® Phytosterols, and CoQsource™ CoQ10 -- the benefits will be at least additive,” asserted Dr. Weder. “There is a high probability that our research will prove we will achieve synergistic effects and thus deliver on the Cholesstrinol brand promise of ‘heart synergy’ formulas.

Cholesstrinol Distinctions
Cholesstrinol is a first in the industry, as it represents a full turnkey solution for marketers to easily and cost-effectively address customized formulas for a wide range of consumers who want to improve their heart health.
Recently, SourceOne partnered exclusively with Vesifact to use its advanced technology to enhance bioavailability. Marc Weder, co-founder and CEO suggested, “Using Vesifact’s patented natural association colloid system, we can improve these unique science-based ingredients and proprietary formulas, and meet the growing demand for enhanced bioavailability by taking the absorption and efficacy to the next level.”

Vesifact and SourceOne currently have multiple studies underway with several more planned for later this year and into 2009 that will provide additional scientific support for the proprietary formulas in the Cholesstrinol family.

Lopez commented that Cholesstrinol tells a powerful brand story and pulls together the detailed scientific data in an easy-to-understand package for the consumer. “As such we anticipate tremendous positive consumer response as there is no need for laborious guesswork or research on their part. Cholesstrinol represents the next generation of dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages for targeted systemic benefit.”

In addition, Lopez added, “The Cholesstrinol formulas available today have one important thing in common, less is more. By effectively using all the members of the family and highlighting their synergistic capacities in the field of heart health, the message is clear: you need less to achieve more. Fewer soft gels in your daily regimen to achieve better results, and less active in a beverage formula because of the optimization of the efficacy of the individual components are examples of the brand message, ‘less is more.’”


About SourceOne™ Global Partners
SourceOne™ Global Partners, headquartered in Chicago, IL, represents a new breed of ingredient supplier, partnering with manufacturing clients to introduce powerfully branded, science-driven products to market with unique product positioning and compelling consumer presence. SourceOne was conceived as a company whose core competency would be to integrate legitimate science with strong trade and consumer branding. They partner with leading suppliers worldwide to source and offer patented ingredients supported by proprietary science as part of turnkey marketing programs that dramatically increases the odds for market success.

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