SPINS is Coming To Canada

SPINS, which was founded in the United States in 1995 as the first source of quantitative, fact-based retail measurement information for the natural products industry, will bring its unique retail measurement service (RMS) to Canada this year. This service will provide a common language for the Canadian health food channel and will benefit retailers and suppliers alike.

SPINS tracks natural product retail sales in natural health retail stores and provides training and consulting services to the industry. To create its core retail measurement service, SPINS partners with natural product retailers to collect data of UPC-coded items. Data is categorized and classified into a common language to track the industry dynamics of natural channel retailers.

"SPINS can transform an individual store's raw POS data into useful information that the store can then use to make everyday purchasing, merchandising and marketing decisions," explains Amy Jacobsen, SPINS' Director of Business Development for Canada. "Hundreds of natural retailers in the U.S. currently rely on SPINS data to keep up with national and regional trends, monitor high-growth categories, identify top-selling items and much more and we are excited to bring this service to Canada," added Jacobsen.

SPINS' Canadian retail partners will become part of a rich information network, which tracks natural product sales in the Canadian marketplace. By simply taking a few minutes each week to submit POS sales data to SPINS, retailer partners receive a wealth of information in return, such as store-level data, categorized into SPINS' industry standard hierarchy, robust characteristic coding, and national and regional sales information on more than 258,000 UPC's. Retail partners utilize SPINS data as a single access point to understand, manage, and develop business opportunities within the natural products marketplace.

There is no cost for a retailer to become a SPINS partner. In addition, each retailer's store-level data is confidential and is never released or exposed to the marketplace. When reported out as part of SPINS' national and regional sample, store-level information is aggregated with hundreds of other retail stores, thus protecting each store's information while at the same time providing partners with both specific and industry-wide information.

SPINS is excited to expand into the Canadian natural product industry and offer such a beneficial service. This RMS service will level the playing field in Canada and allow retailers to leverage insightful tools to make critical business decisions.

SPINS will have a booth at the CHFA Expo East show September 13-14th. To set up an appointment, please contact Amy Jacobsen or simply stop by booth 2600 to discuss the partnership and new service development.

SPINS was founded in 1995 as the first company to offer Natural Products sales data to the industry. Today, it is the premier provider of industry reporting and consulting services for this rapidly expanding sector. SPINS’ comprehensive offering includes retail measurement services, content-based reporting, consumer information and consulting services. Learn more at www.spins.com .

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