Sponsored Feature: Thinking About Going Organic? Let Go Organic! for Earth Day Help

Healthnotes Newswire (April 12, 2007)—An award-winning project of the Organic Trade Association, Earth Day Network, and MusicMatters, Go Organic! for Earth Day increases awareness of organic products by providing consumers with valuable savings on organic products in the grocery store and information on the benefits of choosing organic.

Dr. Greene’s Organic Prescription

According to Go Organic! for Earth Day spokesperson Dr. Alan Greene, organic foods offer considerable benefits, particularly for infants and young children. Dr. Greene, a pediatric health expert and widely published columnist, has created Dr. Greene’s Organic Prescription—a list of the top 11 organic choices that he believes can make the biggest difference for ourselves, our families, and the planet, including:

#1 – Organic dairy—There’s more to a glass of milk than meets the eye. Hidden from view is the cow it came from, the dairy where the cow was raised, and all of the land devoted to growing the food that it ate. When you choose a glass of organic milk, you are bypassing the chemical system of agriculture used by the conventional dairy farmers.

#2 – Organic potatoes—For some cultures, the staple food is rice; for some it is maize. For many American children, the staple food is the source of French fries and mashed potatoes—and is consistently on the list of most pesticide-contaminated vegetables.

#3 – Peanut butter—Molds can grow on peanuts during growth and storage, so fungicide is commonly used on conventionally grown peanuts. Organic peanut butter is a good example of a food that can easily be made from natural whole foods. Organic farming methods, including crop rotation, cover crops, and tillage, tend to result in more bio-diverse soil and less mold and mold toxins than does spraying fungicides.

#4 – Baby foods—Imagine a baby who hasn’t yet picked up the food habits or tastes you wish you never had. Babies’ organs and metabolic settings are assembled from (and in response to) the food they eat. They deserve the best.

For the complete Dr. Greene’s Organic Prescription and more in-depth information on the benefits of going organic, go to www.drgreene.com.

More About Go Organic! for Earth Day

Throughout April, with participating retailers, Go Organic! for Earth Day is providing money-saving coupons, education on the benefits of organic, information on Earth Day events, and a sweepstakes for an all-expense paid trip to The Crossings wellness spa in the scenic Hill Country of Austin, Texas. Go Organic! for Earth Day’s website has delicious organic recipes, a fun “Test Your Organic Smarts” quiz, and a store finder to locate participating retailers.

Alan Greene, MD, FAAP, is a regular columnist for Kiwi Magazine, the pediatric expert for The People’s Pharmacy (as heard on NPR), and has been the online Pediatric Expert for Yahoo!, WebMD, iVillage, Rob Reiner’s ParentsAction.org, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Healthy Kids, and American Baby in addition to his own award-winning website, DrGreene.com. He is the author of several books, including From First Kicks to First Steps (McGraw-Hill, 2004) and Raising Baby Green (Wiley Books, 2007), a practicing pediatrician, and a father of four.
Go Organic! for Earth Day (www.organicearthday.org) is a project of the Organic Trade Association, Earth Day Network, and MusicMatters, and is supported by leading organic manufacturers including CLIF Bar & Co., Del Monte Foods, Horizon Organic, R.W. Knudsen Family, Santa Cruz Organic, Silk Soymilk, and Stonyfield Farm.

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