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Sunsweet Ingredients partners with JTM Food Group

Sunsweet Ingredients partners with JTM Food Group
With the integration of Sunsweet’s isolated plum products, J.T.M. has extended its line to include allergen-free, clean-label, and reduced-sodium food options.

Sunsweet Growers Inc., the world’s leading marketer of dried plums, has announced its cooperation with J.T.M. Food Group to offer healthier options to the national foodservice industry. With the integration of Sunsweet’s isolated plum products, J.T.M. has extended its line to bring allergen-free, clean-label, and reduced-sodium options to schools and other foodservice channels.
“J.T.M. is on the leading edge of providing healthier meal options to schools,” said Tom Leahy, spokesperson for Sunsweet Growers. “We are pleased that our plum products have allowed them to accelerate this development, and we thank them for the effort and investment that was required for formulating and marketing the new line.”

New offerings from J.T.M. that incorporate plum products include:  

  • Allergen-free turkey meatballs
  • Reduced-sodium turkey burger
  • Reduced-fat and -reduced sodium turkey sausage patty
  • Whole-grain-rich English muffin turkey sausage sandwich
  • Whole-grain-rich maple pancake turkey sausage sandwich
  • Reduced-fat and reduced-sodium turkey sausage patty biscuit sandwich
  • Premium beef patty with mushrooms
  • Premium pork sausage patty
  • Vegetarian brown gravy

The rollout of innovative meal options from J.T.M. will allow food service directors to choose for their menus clean label, lower sodium options that still taste terrific. Sunsweet Plum Ingredients will aid in moisture retention, seasoning, and browning while replacing less desirable ingredients such as caramel coloring, sodium and phosphates. 

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