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Taco Bell commits to simple ingredients

Taco Bell commits to simple ingredients
Taco Bell will remove all artificial flavors and colors and other additives like added trans fat, and will replace unsustainable palm oil with sustainable, RSPO-certified palm.

Taco Bell® shared details of its most comprehensive commitment to offering food for all by providing more choices with simpler ingredients and fewer additives. This promise of quality food at a great value is at the center of the brand’s identity. Today’s customers want simplicity, transparency and choice in the foods they eat, and Taco Bell is meeting these needs while continuing to serve food that’s always craveable, fun, affordable and convenient.

“People haven’t slowed down, and more than ever want quality and convenience,” said Brian Niccol, CEO of Taco Bell Corp. “They are seeking more information and a variety of options they can customize to meet their lifestyle, without giving up the flavors they love or the innovative food they expect at Taco Bell. They’re also telling us less is más when it comes to ingredients, so we’re simplifying with natural alternatives and staying true to who we are and what makes us unique.”

Ingredient simplification
By the end of 2015, Taco Bell plans to remove all artificial flavors and colors, replacing them with natural alternatives in their food. They will also remove other additives like added trans fat, and will replace unsustainable palm oil with sustainable, RSPO-certified palm. And by the end of 2017, Taco Bell will look to remove additional artificial preservatives and additives where possible.

These simplifications impact more than 95 percent of Taco Bell core food items across its menu, not including beverages and co-branded items. These changes will not compromise the taste and flavors enjoyed at Taco Bell.

This commitment marks the latest step in Taco Bell’s food journey, which has included a 15 percent sodium reduction across the menu, the removal of all kid’s meals from the menu in U.S. stores, and the introduction of the Cantina Power Menu™ for fans looking for protein and nutrient-rich produce menu items. Over the years, Taco Bell has also removed additives such as BHA/BHT, HVPs, MSG and Azodicarbonamide from its food.

“We’re part of an exciting time—a food revolution,” said Liz Matthews, chief food innovation officer of Taco Bell Corp. “Today’s customers are more curious and interested about food than ever. They want to understand what they’re eating and expect to know more about it. Their exploration in food is a journey, and one that we have also been on for the past 10 years. We are excited to bring new tools and the right information that is relevant to our fans today. We’re making it easy for them to understand what’s in our food and providing options for all of today’s lifestyles and price points. We’re not stopping here, and we are thrilled to bring our fans along.”

As one of the first quick service restaurants to post ingredient statements and full nutrition information online, transparency has been, and always will be, an important part of Taco Bell’s food journey. Its latest tools for customers to make informed decisions include refreshing Taco Bell’s website with more user-friendly ingredient statements, as well as a new nutrition calculator. Customers can access this information at any time—whether it’s on the brand’s website or via mobile device.

Choices for all lifestyles
Taco Bell understands that consumers’ dietary and lifestyle needs are unique and highly personalized, and Taco Bell is committed to offering an evolving menu with more relevant options to meet changing lifestyles.

At Taco Bell, it’s about blending cultural relevance in a unique way. So whether customers are interested in going meatless, looking for menu items that are made without gluten, are high in protein—or even if they just want their favorite indulgent item—Taco Bell has food for all.

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