Transforming food through technology

Transforming food through technology

Singularity University has closed an agreement with the Spanish initiative Reimagine Food to bring disruptive technologic innovations to food enterprises and startups.

Singularity University, the university backed by NASA and Google, is closing an agreement with the Spanish initiative Reimagine Food to bring disruptive technologic innovations to food enterprises and startups.

Salim Ismail, cofounder and executive director of Singularity University, visited Barcelona last week to discuss the details of the agreement, which aims to share knowledge regarding food technology between the two institutions. The alliance is focused on disruptive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, 3-D Printing, Big Data, drones or on how wearable devices will impact the food industry in the next years.

Last September Salim Ismail visited Barcelona to participate in the IESE Business School Challenge 2020, a session that tried to establish Barcelona’s growth drivers for the near future. During that session, it was agreed that food technology would be one of the social and economic drivers that would make Barcelona a world reference.

Mixing that idea with personal strategic considerations, Màrius Robles, CEO and cofounder of Reimagine Food and Joaquin Serra, cofounder and CBDO of Reimagine Food and executive vice president of Natura Bissé Group, created Reimagine Food.

Reimagine Food is the first disruptive center bringing together innovation, emerging technologies, food startups, foodpreneurs, food brands and concepts that will break new ground in coming years. The objective: to lay the foundations for promoting a new Silicon Valley of food and disruptive technology in Barcelona.  The center aspires to act as an umbrella organization for creating and capturing different initiatives that will reinvent the world of food, the agri-food industry, cuisine and how food needs are solved in the 21st century.

Reimagine Food has set out to “play” with those disruptive technologies that will have an impact over the next two years on the way consumers select, purchase, eat and share their food, both at home and in restaurants. At the same time, its mission is to provide a fertile breeding ground for innovation, R&D and the development of creative and technological solutions whose positive impact will reach across the globe while also positioning Barcelona as one of the world's leading cities in this field.

After analyzing more than 1,400 food startups worldwide, talking with the leading food brands and identifying the next emerging and disruptive technologies, Reimagine Food seeks to create a ground-breaking ecosystem that will integrate all the key figures related to food and gastronomy. This will also be achieved by stimulating the business fabric and entrepreneurship around Barcelona and by attracting international talent. 

The Accelerator of Reimagine Food is aimed at entrepreneurs and start-up with scalable projects related to food.  To this end each year it will provide 20 startups, in 3.5 month periods, with training, funding and consultancy to boost their development, as well as a communal work space in Reimagine Food's headquarters. The first call for startups to join Reimagine Food project is scheduled for mid-June 2014. More than 400 startups worldwide are expected.

The LAB of Reimagine Food aims to be the world's first experimental center to fuse together food and gastronomy with emerging and disruptive technologies that will have an impact on both industry companies as well as consumers and society over the next three years. It is aimed primarily at companies in Food & Beverage that with to innovate beyond their boundaries and require disruptive ideas. The ultimate aim of the LAB is to develop projects and subsequently offer them to both society at large and to the food industry.

Deloitte is a strategic partner on the project and Gallina Blanca Star is one of the companies participating in disruptive innovation work. ESADECREAPOLIS, benchmark center of entrepreneurship and open innovation, has also joined this entities. Furthermore, the private companies and investors collaborating with Reimagine Food include Emilio Cuatrecasas, president of the law firm Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira, as well as Areas and Barcelona Global, Jordi Gallés, president of Europastry. In addition to these, Reimagine Food is at an advanced stage of negotiations with other investors that guarantee to enhance the project's international profile. 



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