'Turducken' Ready After Quiet Hurricane Season

A Louisiana holiday specialty, Turducken, is ready for the season.
Still benefiting hurricane relief.

Lafayette, Louisiana - September 26, 2006 – Charlie Hohorst and his team watched the Gulf of Mexico all summer for another hurricane like Katrina or Rita. They vowed that no matter what would come they would produce their signature regional specialty, Turducken. Turducken is a turkey stuffed with a duck which has been stuffed with a chicken. It was voted by the Wall Street Journal in 2004 as Best Overall and Best Value for the holiday season. Now, with more than 200,000+ Louisiana families displaced from the Gulf Coast, Hohorst expects that Turducken will bring a bit of Louisiana to many via his cajungrocer.com.

Most people who have visited Louisiana or who are “ex-patriots” living in other states, want to experience the food and ambiance of the unique state over and over again. With thousands of Turduckens sold each year since 1999, the popular, mail-direct food business, cajungrocer.com, enjoys 20-23+% growth per year.

Hohorst has continued to donate to the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation: www.louisianahelp.org, although it has been a year since the disasters. “Our city was sparred and we are one of the south Louisiana food businesses still up and running. Many had to close,” explains Hohorst. “These people are family and friends. It’s the least we can do. We haven’t forgotten them, especially those of Hurricane Rita. We will continue to support those who have lost so much.”

Turducken is deboned and available with succulent Cornbread Dressing, Cajun Seafood Jambalaya, or Creole Sausage Stuffing. They are available at www.cajungrocer.com,


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