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Ulrick & Short debuts glaze for meat products

Ulrick & Short debuts glaze for meat products
Eziglaze is a cost-effective alternative to commercial glazes that offers excellent viscosity and is suitable for misting or for curtain-glazing.

Ulrick & Short Ltd., a leading British-owned clean label starch specialist, has unveiled its latest cost-cutting, non-GM ingredient for the meat sector.

Already available for freshly baked goods, savory and other pastry types, Eziglaze has now been developed for meat products and follows hot on the heels of Ulrick & Short’s other ingredients complimentary to that industry. These include Deliquess, which increases succulence whilst simultaneously reducing fat, Complex, a wheat protein used to bind and emulsify and Ezimoist, for effective tumbling and injection of meats.

Eziglaze is a cost-effective alternative to commercial glazes. Key benefits include that it can be supplied in powder form and stored at ambient temperature for up to two years—a massive advantage over both egg and milk. It also provides excellent viscosity and is suitable for misting or for curtain-glazing.

This latest extension to the Eziglaze range of suitable applications can be declared as a starch or corn flour to simplify and clean up labels. It is free of both egg and milk, contains no artificial colors, flavors and additives and is microbiologically stable.

Designed for applying a glazed coating, the product will particularly appeal to bakeries involved in meat processing as well as those in the pie industry as it is suitable for a wide range of applications such as Cornish pasties, meat pies, sausage rolls and other savory delights and morning goods.

Meat-specific applications are underpinned by significant demand for Ulrick & Short’s range of maize, tapioca and rice starches which improve mouthfeel, texture and stability. The firm’s technical expertise has led to the development of what it believes to be the widest range of clean label ingredients available to the meat sector from any single UK supplier.

Ulrick & Short Director Adrian Short explained: “Eziglaze offers meat industry customers a superior performance glaze at a cost-effective price, with significant added benefits of extended ambient storage and ease of use. It’s incredibly versatile for meat processors’ many specifications, and can’t be beaten for clean label declaration and potential for bespoke development.” 

The company supplies household name food manufacturers across the world with naturally gluten-free non-GM ingredients, and innovating across a diverse range of food industry sectors including bakery, meat, dairy, soups and sauces. The company has a team of dedicated sector specialists and food technologists based in Yorkshire and works hand in hand with customers to maximize value from product development.

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