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Utz launches Specialty Division to develop healthy snacks

Utz Specialty Division will provide retailers with a range of brands and products to excite consumers around better-for-you, craft and regional snack foods.

Utz Quality Foods Inc. announces the culmination of strategic development work to launch the Utz Specialty Division. In recognizing the ever-growing consumer demand for snack foods, the Utz Specialty Division will provide retailers with a range of brands and products to excite consumers around better-for-you, craft and regional snack foods.

Drawing on the December 2013 acquisition of the Good Health® brand, Utz Quality Foods Inc. has spent the last year expanding the portfolio of better-for-you snacks, packaging enhancements and broadening the brand’s distribution base, reaching across the U.S. and export. And according to the IRI’s most recent 52 and 12 week Dollar Sales, the Good Health brand is up 45 percent and 120 percent, respectively, and the brand is well positioned to accelerate further.

Building on this momentum, the Utz Specialty Division will also focus on the further development of the Dirty® Potato Chips, Zapp’s® Potato Chips, California Chips and Hispanic-oriented Miguelitos brands. These brand platforms offer Retailers a range of unique offerings designed to satisfy consumer demand for great tasting, unique and experiential snack foods.

“Based on discussions with large and small retail operators, we are excited to launch the new Utz Specialty Division to more deeply interact with Retail Partners specifically on providing ways of bringing the right snacks to their consumer base. With major investments in our brands and manufacturing capabilities over the last four years including organic, gluten-free, and unique oils, the Utz Specialty Division is well positioned in a strong snack category leadership position, nationally. As the fourth largest snack brand in the U.S., with vertical integration of brand ownership, manufacturing, sales, and distribution we are uniquely situated to work with all classes of trade to develop products and sales programs to meet the consumer’s ever-changing needs,” said Dylan Lissette, president and CEO of Utz Quality Foods Inc.

In addition, Utz has appointed Rick Suchenski to the role of senior vice president of sales and marketing to lead the launch and management of the new Division.

“Consumers continue to demand a wide range of snack food offerings for varying occasions. Coupled with this demand and a range of existing and new capabilities, the Utz Specialty Division is uniquely positioned to provide Retailers with solutions to capitalize on snack food trends and generate increased sales. And with facilities located in San Diego; Denver; Greensboro, N.C.; Hanover, Pa.; and more, the Utz Specialty Team is nationally situated and highly accessible to the market,” said Suchenski.

Furthermore, as part of a comprehensive plan to further support the Utz Specialty Division’s growing technical capabilities, capacity requirements, and distribution reach, Utz has recently acquired Condor Snack Co. of Denver and Keystone Pretzel Bakery of Lititz, Pa.


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