Vitacost launches food, beauty, diet lines

Vitacost launches food, beauty, diet lines

Online giant continues expansion of its proprietary business. Inc., a leading online retailer of healthy living products, announced the expansion of its proprietary business with the launch of new food, beauty and diet lines. These new products follow the debut of ARO: Black Series, Vitacost's sports nutrition brand, which was released in April and now includes 39 SKUs, including protein powders, fat burners, pre-workout formulas, branch-chain amino acids and creatine.

"At Vitacost, we are proud to introduce high-quality, affordable products that meet the needs of today's health and cost-conscious consumer," stated Jeffrey Horowitz, CEO of "To make healthy living affordable for everyone, we will continue to develop lower-priced alternatives to the products our customers desire the most."

Vitacost's new products include:

  • Glonaturals beauty, which includes BB cremes, argan oil and skincare; these botanically based products are infused with natural anti-aging ingredients including hyaluronic acid.
  • ARO Lean meal replacement diet shakes, in gourmet-inspired flavors including Angel Food Cake, Peanut Butter Cup and Chocolate Fudge Brownie; a single-serving shake contains 190 calories and 24 grams of protein to support weight loss.
  • PBSLIM, powdered non-GMO organic peanut butter, which contains 85 percent fewer fat calories than traditional peanut butter; the powder can be combined with water to create a peanut "paste," or mixed into smoothies, baked goods and even pasta dishes to enhance food with the flavor, protein and fiber of peanuts without unwanted extra fat.
  • Super Cacao bars, 66 percent dark chocolate enhanced with vitamin and supplement blends including anti-oxidants, probiotics and green tea extract; flavors include coconut, Mandarin orange, and lemon ginger.

In addition, the Company continues to introduce new VMHS products, launching adult gummy vitamins, probiotics for children and vitamin drops for infants, a combination vitamin plus probiotic collection, and new Vitacost Quickdots, a variety of sublingual melts for customers seeking an alternative to tablet- and capsule-swallowing. The Company is also in the process of rebranding and expanding its existing healthy snacks line with innovative, environmentally friendly packaging featuring water-based ink and BPA-free materials and is set to launch a proprietary line of natural cleaners over the next several months as well.


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