Yak Milk Powder for Seniors

Yak Milk Powder for Seniors
Record ID: 1240491
Company: Liao Yuan Dairy
Brand: Liao Yuan
Category: Dairy
Sub-Category: White Milk
Country: China
Date Published: 04 Jan 2010
Launch Type: New Formulation
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Bar Code: 6935946900562

Product Description
Liao Yuan Yak Milk Powder for Seniors has been reformulated. This milk powder is made with yak's milk, calcium, yak's milk protein, vitamin A and vitamin C. According to the manufacturer, yak's milk is rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), IgG (immune globulin) and Lf (lactoferrin) to strengthen the immune system. Calcium helps maintain the density of bones and strengthen teeth. Yak's milk protein is an essential element for the growth and development of body. Vitamin A is good for vision healthy, while vitamin C helps the body to absorb more iron and maintain healthy bones and gums. This product has been halal certified and retails in a 400g pack containing 16 x 25g sachets.
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Yak Milk Powder for Seniors



Added Calcium,
Functional - Other,
Seniors (aged 55+),
Vitamin/Mineral Fortified,
Functional - Bone Health,
Functional - Brain & Nervous System,
Functional - Immune System,
Ethical - Environmentally Friendly Product

Ingredients: Fresh milk, desalted whey powder, concentrated whey protein, white granulated sugar, refined vegetable oil, maltose, maltoiligosaccharide, minerals (calcium lactate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, ferrous lactate, zinc lactate, magnesium carbonate), vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B6), taurine, lecithin
Nutrition: Per 100g: Energy >=1,820kJ, Protein 19g, Fat 17g, Carbohydrate <=60g, Moisture 3.5g, Vitamin A 1,890 IU/UI, Vitamin D 360 IU/UI, Vitamin E 10-18 IU/UI, Vitamin B6 1,250µg, Taurine 30-50mg, Vitamin C 30-100mg, Calcium 1,100mg, Iron 6-20mg, Zinc 3-6mg, Magnesium 70-110mg, Chloride <=920mg

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