Yo-Flex® for mild and creamy low fat yoghurt

Chr. Hansen’s latest culture solution is now available in a freeze-dried and updated version meeting global health trends as well as local taste buds.

The global food market experiences an increasing demand for dairy products with low fat or low sugar claims. During the last year more than 30% of new dairy/food products globally came with a low fat claim and 7% with a low sugar claim (Mintel GNPD). And the trend shows no sign of cessation.

“We develop high quality solutions that meet the global health trend, which in yoghurt often translates into low fat and/or low sugar. With our Yo-Flex® range, which we launched last year, we have succeeded in creating a series of cultures for low fat yoghurt with high texture and mild flavor. And we have taken the range one step further with our freeze-dried line extension that also provides new flavor characteristics, “explains Morten Boesen, Marketing Manager, Yoghurt Cultures, Chr. Hansen.

Consumers and customers in mind

The Yo-Flex® culture range offers advantages to both producers and consumers. The consumers get a mild, creamy and healthy yoghurt. With Yo-Flex® no stabilizers are necessary, which gives the yoghurt an all natural profile desirable to many consumers. Additionally, the freeze-dried version comes in two new flavor profiles - a desired mild flavor for the Asian markets and a medium flavor for the Middle East markets.

Chr. Hansen customers get a culture, which is cost-attractive and consistent. The yoghurt producers will be able to reduce the amount of expensive milk solids in their production and at the same time get a final yoghurt product which is very stable and keep its mild taster longer than ever seen before.

“In Chr. Hansen we often engage in working partnerships with our customers on customization for specific needs and tastes. Our freeze-dried Yo-Flex® is specifically aimed at the Asian and Middle East markets. Markets which are quite important as they account for approximately 25% of the global yoghurt production, “ concludes Morten Boesen.

The new Yo-Flex® cultures come in the easy-to-use DVS® (Direct Vat Set) packaging invented by Chr. Hansen for consistency, control and convenience in dairy production.

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