Yoghurt Drink with Strawberry Juice

Yoghurt Drink with Strawberry Juice
Record ID: 1247731
Company: Dairy Plus
Brand: Dutch Mill
Category: Dairy
Sub-Category: Drinking Yogurts & Liquid Cultured Milk
Country: Philippines
Date Published: 22 Feb 2010
Launch Type: New Packaging
Price in local currency: 17.00
Price in US Dollars: 0.36
Price in Euros: 0.25
Bar Code: 8851717040016

Product Description
Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink with Strawberry Juice has been repackaged and now retails in a 180ml pack, and comes with a straw. The halal certified product is made from fresh milk and cultured yogurt fermented by lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus under aseptic conditions and ultra-heat treated. It is said to be delicious with 15% strawberry juice and is enriched with calcium. It contains no preservatives.
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Yoghurt Drink with Strawberry Juice


No Additives/Preservatives,
Added Calcium,
Vitamin/Mineral Fortified,

Ingredients: Yoghurt, strawberry juice, sugar, permitted food coloring
Nutrition: Per 180ml serving (1 serving per pack): Energy 421kJ/100kcal, Protein 3.35g, Total fat 1.22g (of which Saturated Fat 0.68g, Trans Fat 0g), Cholesterol 0mg, Carbohydrates 18.9g, Total Sugars 18.9g, Dietary Fiber 0.11g, Sodium 74mg, Vitamin A 53 IU/UI, Vitamin D 1.8mg, Vitamin B1 0.13mg, Vitamin B2 0.22mg, Calcium 266mg, Iron 0.7mg

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