5 exotic teas

Tired of the same old tea?  These five unique flavors and blends turn up the heat and awaken your sense

From blossoming herbal infusions and decadent cocoa indulgences to unique Camellia sinensis variations, these steeped beverages turn the heat up on tea time. (But do store them in a cool, dark place.)

Brown rice

Also called genmaicha, this traditional Japanese beverage combines familiar antioxidant-rich green tea with slightly nutty, roasted brown rice. Pairs nicely with breakfast or dessert.

Try: Tao of Tea Brown Rice Tea


This complex treat provides a chocolate fix without the excess calories and added sugars in many chocolate desserts. Rich, full-bodied chocolate teas contain magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, and theobromine—a natural, long-lasting stimulant found in cacao.

Try: Tisano Chocolate Tea


Also known as artisan or blooming tea, flowering tea not only blossoms as it steeps, but also comes alive with luscious floral flavors and aromas like jasmine, lily, and rose. Available in green, white, and black varieties.

Try: Numi Flowering Tea Exotic Bouquet


This finely ground high-quality Japanese green tea powder is rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol that may help fight diabetes and cancer. For a hint of green tea flavor and a minty hue, add to low-fat yogurt, smoothies, or icing. Also used in packaged products like Japanese noodles and ice cream.

Try: Rishi Tea Matcha


For a rich variation on black tea and a healthy caffeine kick, try pu-erh—the only type of tea that is fermented rather than oxidized (the process that creates regular black tea). Some research shows pu-erh may help fight cancer and heart disease and keep cholesterol levels and weight in check.

Try: Zhi Tea Pu-erh

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