Natural energy shots

Need a midday boost? Try plant-based stimulants that lend long-lasting fuel in pint-sized packages

Need a midday boost? Plant-based stimulants like yerba mateé, tea (Camellia sinensis), chlorella, and rhodiola lend long-lasting fuel in pint-sized packages. These top picks use sweeteners such as stevia and fruit extracts (and limit any sugars—even those from natural sources like fruit—to fewer than 10 grams); plus, they’re free from artificial colors and flavors and excess calories. Look for extra health perks like high amounts of immunity-boosting vitamin C.

Dragon Pearl Super Natural Energy
Features certified organic green tea (the equivalent of 3 cups) that’s packed with antioxidants and tastes sweet and potent.
45 calories, 9 grams sugar

Guayakí Yerba Mate Organic Energy Shot
Provides blends of USDA Organic ingredients such as yerba maté extract and powder, cocoa, acerola cherry extract, and goji berry extract, along with vitamins C and B12.
35 calories, 8 grams sugar

Natural Vitality Energy 28
This liquid packet contains a combination of organic superfruits and vegetables, golden chlorella, organic maca, and rhodiola, all of which increase energy and provide fiber, vitamins, and heart-healthy omega-3s.
35 calories, 3 grams sugar

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