Selecting the perfect tea every time

Selecting the perfect tea every time

Need energy to get through your workday? Craving some R&R? Try these teas, perfectly suited to specific times and needs, suggested by Sara Martinelli, certified herbalist, tea specialist, and owner of the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder, Colo.

You’re heading into a 2 p.m. meeting

Drink: Ti Kuan Yin oolong. “It has a bit of accessible caffeine without making you too jittery— just enough to wake up those mental synapses.”

Try: Zhi Tea Organic Iron Goddess

You’re abstaining at a cocktail party

Drink: Earl Grey.“When you don’t want to imbibe, this tea’s citrusy bergamot still gives a nice oomph.”

Try: Twinings Earl Grey Organic & Fair Trade Certified Tea

You’re dealing with a food hangover

Drink: Sencha green tea.“Its delicately vegetal flavor eases that feeling of overindulgence.”

Try: Ito En Sencha Shot

You’re afraid your computer just crashed

Drink: Darjeeling. “Just the act of brewing this classic reminds you to take a breath and calm down.”

Try: Tea Forte Estate Darjeeling

You’re drawing a bath

Drink: Jasmine pearl.“Delightfully aromatic with a relaxing floral scent; watch them unfurl as you do.”

Try: Rishi Tea Organic Jasmine Pearl

You’re at a family reunion

Drink: Flavored spice tea.“Festive, decadent, and great for joyous celebrations.”

Try: Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse Full Moon Spice

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