AquaNew announces new Watt-Ahh size

AquaNew announces new Watt-Ahh size

Grassroots Sarasota beverage company continues to expand nationally.

What began in 2007 as a local, Sarasota-based company offering an ultra-pure water alternative in the huge beverage industry, has organically grown to reach a national customer base. AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh® has gained increasing popularity in the nation by providing a stable, restructured water believed to provide at the cellular level, superior hydration, detoxification and more energy to the customers who drink it. There is no comparison on the market. Ongoing pilot studies on the water are being performed by medical experts. 

Over the last year, AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh sales have increased more than 47 percent. Additionally, 25 percent of the Watt-Ahh production has been shipped out of Florida to health clinics, their patients and other health-conscious customers located in the Eastern Seaboard, Midwest and Western United States. The major core of loyal Watt-Ahh customers resides in Southwestern Florida.

Following a Sarasota medical summit hosted in by AquaNew earlier this year, sales went on the upswing. The keynote presenter for the summit was Dr. Zachary Bush, M.D. of the Revolution Health Center in Charlottesville, VA. Dr. Bush proclaimed at the summit a “Watt-Ahh Moment” while he recommended nature-based alternatives, including Watt-Ahh, as the optimum regime for maintaining our immune-system health.
To meet the growing demand for Watt-Ahh, AquaNew is now offering a new liter sized bottle as a larger alternative to the 16.9 oz. (0.5-liter) bottles. The new liter-size bottles also are more efficient and economical in shipping by pallet loads outside Florida to Watt-Ahh customers. 
"We realized that the smaller half-liter bottles alone were not going to meet increasing customer demand for Watt-Ahh,” AquaNew CEO, Rob Gourley said. "Our customers want to share their secret of Watt-Ahh. They will be more likely to pour some from the larger liter-sized bottle into a glass for a friend or family member to enjoy."
In anticipation of being some of the first stores to carry the new liter-size bottles of Watt-Ahh, Lori's Natural Foods of Rochester, N.Y. and Ellwood-Thompson’s of Richmond, VA. pre-ordered pallets prior to production. AquaNew keeps a growing list of stores and other vendors that offer Watt-Ahh on their website.


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