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B&D Nutritional Ingredients Announces New Distribution Agreement with Hawai'i Coffee Cherry™

B&D Nutritional Ingredients (B&D), a national leader in sales and marketing of premier raw materials essential to the dietary supplement, functional food and personal care industries, today announced an exclusive North American distribution agreement with Hawai’i Coffee Cherry™ (HCC), a nutraceutical and specialty ingredient company.

“Hawai’i Coffee Cherry is an ideal fit for B&D,” said Rebecca Niehus, president of B&D Nutritional Ingredients. “This product has the right combination to achieve ‘critical mass’ as a superfruit with its native fruit qualities, the building of scientific evidence to support potential health benefits, the robust consumer awareness of coffee, its attractiveness to health-conscious consumers and a unique farming story from the lush and natural wonders of Hawaii.”

“Hawai’i Coffee Cherry is sourced from Kona Coffee - grown only in the Kona district on the west side of the Big Island, where it has developed over 175 years. These coffee trees thrive in the unique combination of sunshine, rainfall, and volcanic soil that is found only in Kona, to create award-winning Kona coffees and the super-antioxidant powers of Hawai’i Coffee Cherry (the fruit surrounding each coffee bean). It is a perfect situation: Rocky volcano slopes nurture the coffee cherry, the sun-drenched mornings ripen the fruit, the misty afternoons refresh it and Kona coffee farmers meticulously handpick each cherry. “Hawai'i is the only state in the United States to commercially grow coffee, and among the islands here, only the Kona district grows our Hawai’i Coffee Cherry,” explains Shaun Roberts, CEO of Hawai’i Coffee Cherry. “Because of our rocky location and the fact that the coffee 'cherry' does not ripen all at the same time, our farmers cannot mechanically harvest the trees. Since each bean is inspected as it is picked, our Hawai’i Coffee Cherry consumers are assured a ripe fruit, and not a combination of immature or overripe cherries. Our processing facilities are in close proximity to the harvest, allowing us to easily transport and utilize cherries at peak ripeness, when antioxidant power is at its highest.

“We’re thrilled about this new distributor relationship. By teaming with B&D, we will have the advantage of a substantial network, industry expertise and reputation to expand our market presence and opportunities,” said Roberts. “We know that this relationship will be instrumental in expanding awareness of Hawai’i Coffee Cherry’s unique farming environment, along with its ORAC and polyphenol properties.”

About B&D Nutritional Ingredients, Inc.
Founded in 1993 and based in Vista, California, B&D Nutritional Ingredients, Inc. (, is a national leader in sales and marketing of premier raw materials essential to the dietary supplement, functional food and personal care industries. B&D has a portfolio of products from leading manufacturers. These products are primarily natural antioxidants. B&D is active in several industry organizations representing the dietary supplement and personal care industries. Memberships include The Council for Responsible Nutrition and The Drug, Chemical and Allied Trades Association, Inc.

About Hawai’i Coffee Cherry
Hawai’i Coffee Cherry was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Kalaheo, Hawaii. HCC’s core focus is bringing the health-promoting superfruits of Hawaii to the dietary supplement, functional food and personal care markets. HCC can be reached at 808.634.6072 or

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