Brew up a cup of probiotic coffee

Brew up a cup of probiotic coffee

Daflorn enters the American market with the launch of Café Viva Probiotic Coffee 3-in-1.

Daflorn LLC, enters the American market with the launch of Café Viva, Probiotic Coffee 3-in-1, a delicious mix of coffee, nutrients and probiotics. Each single-serve sachet conveniently boosts energy, metabolism, digestion and immune health. Café Viva is a multi-benefit solution covering almost all demographics. It has no GMOs, gluten, preservatives or artificial ingredients and requires no refrigeration.

Without refrigeration, each serving still guarantees 4,000,000,000 colony forming units (CFUs) of eight strains of four clinically tested probiotics past the two year shelf life. Café Viva stands apart from the industry standard of synthetic coatings, preservatives and the nonsensical CFU measure at manufacturing, not at consumption. 

The secret of how Café Viva’s friendly bacteria remain viable was born from a biotech breakthrough under the Soviet Space Program. Daflorn’s founder, Professor (Ret.) Major General Nikola Alexandrov, Dr. Sc, invented the process while creating probiotic spacefood to address the extreme physical demands of space travel on the human body. Dr. Alexandrov’s freeze-dried probiotics offered a nutrient complex of vitamins, minerals, protein and other key nutrients to energize the body and sate hunger. At the collapse of the Soviet empire, Dr. Alexandrov was granted intellectual property for what he has subsequently patented around the world as Laktera®, a bioavailable nutrient-dense probiotic functional food bereft of preservatives, genetic engineering or needless human meddling.

If Americans are beginning to grasp the benefits of probiotics, they clearly understand the benefits of coffee. The 2013 annual trend report by the National Coffee Association states coffee consumption jumped by 5 percent as 83 percent of Americans say they drink coffee on a past year basis. More than half of Americans over 18 years of age enjoy it daily at an average of three plus cups a day. The coffee in Café Viva is spray dried solely with water, no chemicals.

The story behind Café Viva is one of an American husband and Bulgarian wife who travel often to visit her family in Bulgaria. During a particular 7,000 mile flight with their two year old toddler they wondered about a natural solution to solve all the common traveling problems. How to mitigate the bloating and digestive risks of airplane food and local cuisine? How to deal with jet lag and rebound from their toddler’s upside down body clock?  Visiting family and friends inevitably happen around snacks and meals, so how to boost the metabolism?  How to support the immune system through a whirlwind of airports, public transportation, sleep issues and general stress? Lastly, how to make it both simplistically convenient and pleasurable?

They then realized their transatlantic trips were a microcosm of everyday American lifestyle, bookended at 30,000 feet. The process evolved into creating a convenient, tasty, all-natural wellness product to naturally boost energy, gut health, metabolism and the immune system adaptable to a daily routine.

The answer, of course, is Café Viva Probiotic Coffee 3-in-1. Customers are enjoying Café Viva as a standalone health drink as well as a multi-boost ingredient in protein shakes, smoothies and frozen desserts.

Contact us for info on how the husband and wife partnered with Dr. Alexendrov in a story about shipwrecked soldiers and the bone marrow of chemo patients.


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