Cadbury Schweppes launches 'Antioxidant Water'

Cadbury Schweppes has further pushed its global Snapple brand further to the health and wellness end of the beverage spectrum by debuting a line of functional waters in the US.

The move follows Snapple expanding its healthy juice range with a host of new superfruit juices, and its new range, called Antioxidant Water, features light superfruit flavours such as pomegranate and açai. They also contain varying blends of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes and the seven flavours are marketed under four banners: protect; awaken; restore; defy. Each drink contains about 50 calories, as well as a calorie-free version called LYTeWater.

However, the drinks do contain a relatively high amount of sugar, in many cases a necessary evil to counter the often bitter flavour notes of some superfruits, but which may lead some to question their health profile.

There are also a host of ingredients in each bottle. The strawberry açai drink ingredient list reads like a who's who of antioxidants and other ingredients.

Strangely, neither acai nor strawberry are listed which may explain why the Snapple website states, "each sip is filled with the taste [FI italics] of fresh Strawberry and Açai Berry." .

The website also states: "Each bottle contains 165 mg of protective antioxidants (as EGCG tea polyphenols, vitamins A and E to help protect your body's cells from free radical damage). Proprietary Energy Blend contains a combined 435 mg per bottle of caffeine, ginseng extract, and guarana seed extract."

"We know that consumers are looking for healthier options that include antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes when choosing beverages," said Bryan Mazur, vice president and general manager of Snapple. "The launch of Antioxidant Water and LYTeWater provides consumers with nutrient-packed, great tasting alternatives to traditional bottled water."

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