Coffee Mix for Health

Coffee Mix for Health
Record ID: 1235539
Company: King Coffee
Brand: Ci-Firm
Category: Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Sub-Category: Coffee
Country: Thailand
Date Published: 08 Jan 2010
Launch Type: New Product

Product Description
Ci-Firm Coffee Mix for Health contains collagen, prune extract, grape seed extract, lutein and fiber for body firming. This product contains no sugar and cholesterol. According to the manufacturer: collagen from deep blue sea helps rapidly repair skin cell and also brightens and tightens skin; prune extract contains vitamin B2 that helps stimulate blood cell formation, the growth of sight cell, nourish skin, nails and hair and also helps the intestinal system; and grape seed extract is an anti-oxidant that strengthen the cell and increase the elasticity of blood vessels. The halal certified product retails in a 150g pack that contains 10 x 15g sachets.
Product Variants

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Coffee Mix for Health



Low/No/Reduced Cholesterol,
Functional - Other,
Low/No/Reduced Sugar,
Functional - Digestive


Ingredients: Non dairy cream (67.81%), instant coffee powder (25%), collagen (3.00%), fiber (2.00%), prune extract (1.00%), grape seed extract (1.00%), kidney coffee extract (1.00%), ginseng (0.05%), sucralose (0.01%), luter (0.025%), vitamin (0.005%)
Nutrition: Not indicated on pack

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