Cyvex Nutrition Develops Solubility and Color Chart For Beverage Industry

In a move to develop the beverage industry opportunities and make it transparent for beverage formulators, Cyvex Nutrition has announced that its ingredients are now perfectly suitable for a variety of beverage applications.

“The functional beverage market continues to grow exponentially, as Americans are demanding more nutritious options and consuming them regularly,” says Matt Phillips, President of Cyvex Nutrition. “We recognize that beverage manufacturing technology has evolved in its sophistication to provide a vast array of drink options featuring stable nutraceutical ingredients that deliver the added health protective benefits that consumers find so attractive.”

Cyvex’ list of ingredients for beverages include: Alfapro™, AppleZi®, BerryVin™, BioVin®, BioVin® Advanced, Euro Black Currant, Chirositol™, CocoaNol™, CranLife™, PomActiv™, Q-Vida® and PhytoTropic™.

Cyvex Nutrition has created its Beverage Solubility and Color Chart for manufacturers for an at-a-glance summation of potential applications. “We recognize the importance of convenience of providing information that manufacturers need straightforwardly to investigate formula opportunities with our water-soluble nutraceuticals,” Phillips adds.

The chart is available by emailing [email protected].

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