Edible Glitter, Clarity and Wellness

Edible Glitter, Clarity and Wellness

Watson’s Clarity premix offers a satisfying energy boost to beverages without using caffeine, guarana and other typical energy drink ingredients that are viewed to be harmful to health. Most people who are over 55 years old do not show interest in energy drinks due to safety concerns regarding their health, but 78 percent of the individuals in this age group consume coffee.  Energy drinks mainly appeal to those 18 to 34 years old, but Clarity is safe and effective for both populations. 

Clarity supports optimal mental focus, as it contains choline and vitamin B5 that combine to form a neurotransmitter, acetalcholine. The B vitamins in the premix convert carbohydrates from the agave syrup into energy and since this energy is released slowly, energy is maintained for a longer period of time. Clarity contains the percent daily value of niacin of 25 percent, 150 percent of pyridoxine, 100 percent of vitamin B12, 25 percent of pantothenic acid, 50 percent of biotin and folic acid, and 0.63 percent of sodium.

Clarity was formulated for the 2013 IFT Food Expo. Please stop by and visit us at booth #2314.

For additional information contact Watson Inc. at 1-800-388-3481, 301 Heffernan Drive, West Haven, CT 06516 or watson-inc.com.




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