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Exciting Opportunities Emerge for Food and Beverage Companies with FloraGLO(R) Lutein's Expanded GRAS Status

Following a critical review, an expert panel has self-affirmed Kemin's FloraGLO(R) Crystalline Lutein as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for new applications and higher inclusion levels. This self-affirmation significantly expands the levels of use and food applications from those that were the subject of an earlier GRAS notification made by Kemin to the Food and Drug Administration without Agency objection. For food and beverage manufacturers, this news means more options for delivering to consumers FloraGLO Lutein's valuable eye and skin benefits. Importantly, expanded GRAS status comes at a time when conventional food companies are eagerly seeking beneficial nutrients such as FloraGLO Lutein, which is backed by strong clinical support and exciting new, emerging science.

At the Supply Side West Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 24, 2008, James M. Stringham, Ph.D. will present a seminar entitled, "Diet and Vision: Macular Pigment Improves Visual Performance in Glare." Dr. Stringham's presentation will detail how FloraGLO Lutein and OPTISHARP(R) Zeaxanthin can play a role in reducing the harmful effects of glare by boosting the levels of macular pigment in the central retina. This research also shows an increase in contrast acuity and enhanced filtering of blue light, which is the most hazardous fraction of the visible light spectrum.

FloraGLO's new role in improving visual performance will be greatly welcomed by a wide range of consumers. Among the most obvious beneficiaries of this breakthrough are likely to be outdoor and recreational sports enthusiasts, such as skiers, golfers, cyclists, and pilots. This broad, largely active and competitive audience presents a wealth of new opportunities for food, beverage, and dietary supplement manufacturers and marketers. Additionally, and vastly more sizable is the range of persons who will appreciate relief from everyday eye irritations such as the glare of headlights while driving, and the strain of staring at computer monitors for long periods of time. FloraGLO Lutein can help improve visual function for almost anyone.

In its current food uses, levels of FloraGLO Lutein may now be increased for the following categories: Cereal, Granola, Energy & Nutrition Bars; Tea; Soy Milk; Frozen Yogurt; Ready-to-drink Energy, Sport & Isotonic Drinks; Fruit-Flavored Drinks; Fruit Juice; Nectars; and Vegetable Juice and Canned Soups. And, FloraGLO Lutein may now be used in new food categories, including: Gelatin, Pudding, Trail Mix, Cookies, Powdered Tea, and Powdered Energy, Sport & Isotonic Drinks.

Kemin Global Marketing Director, Andy Martin, sums up the potential impact of FloraGLO Lutein's expanded GRAS Status: "Now that more food and beverage manufacturers can add FloraGLO Lutein to a wider array of functional foods at levels that promote these important benefits, there's likely to be a sudden, dramatic increase in public awareness of lutein's value to health. It's exciting to think that we're actually at the tipping point right now where many more people are on the verge of learning just how significant lutein's contribution is not just to eye and skin health, but also to improving visual function

For more information, please visit us at SupplySide West - Booth 21057, Health Ingredients Europe -- Booth E031 or contact Kemin directly at:
North America 866-536-4666
Europe +351-214-157-500
Central/South America +55-11-3459-7115
Asia +81-3-5157-2052
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