Fabuless' Snowballing Success

New Campina product launch in Germany

The number of products containing Fabuless™ continues to grow with the launch of Optiwell Control – the German version of Campina’s popular Optimel brand. Optiwell Control comes hot on the heels of the highly successful introduction of Optimel Control in the Netherlands, confirming the widespread consumer appeal of Fabuless-enriched dairy products that help consumers to manage their weight more easily.

“We are delighted to extend our collaboration with Campina into Germany,” comments Rob Minnee, Business Manager Weight Management at DSM Food Specialties. “This new launch highlights Campina’s confidence in Fabuless and demonstrates the strength of our ongoing partnership. With a claim to help consumers eat less, the inclusion of Fabuless enables manufacturers to differentiate their products by offering consumers real results. With demand for effective weight management products growing, we expect the Fabuless phenomenon to continue.”

Dairy products containing Fabuless are already available in Italy (ActifControl by Latteria Merano) and in Portugal (by Lactogal, as part of its Adagio range of healthy dairy concepts). Campina’s ‘Optimel Control’ containing Fabuless was recently launched in the Netherlands and enjoyed significant commercial success, regularly selling out in many major outlets.

Fabuless is an innovative combination of oat and palm oils (both naturally occurring dietary lipids) that is formulated in a novel emulsion. Its microstructure prevents the digestion of palm oil droplets until relatively deep in the small intestine. Because undigested fat arriving in the ileum (the latter part of the small intestine) triggers an 'appetite satisfied' signal to the brain, consumers feel no need to take in more calories, can eat less and still feel satisfied.

Optiwell Control will be available in raspberry and orange flavors in all major German retail outlets.

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