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Five Organic Leaders Team Up as “Power Foods Group” at Green Festival in Chicago

Some of The Hottest International Food & Beverage Trends Will Be Featured At One Pavilion Including: Organic Acai, Yerba Mate, Hemp Foods, Cacao, Jungle Honey, Wheat Grass and Green Superfoods

(Chicago, IL – May 13, 2008) – A tribe of like-minded organic entrepreneurs will be demonstrating the saying “there’s power in numbers” at the Green Festival on May 17 and 18 at the Navy Pier in Chicago. Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products (, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils (, Amazing Grass Organic Green Superfoods (, Sambazon Açai ( and Big Tree Farms ( are teaming up as the Power Foods Group to make a bigger splash than they might accomplish on their own. Hatched in 2005, the Power Foods Group is a cooperative marketing and social initiative that will be offering festival-goers invigorating organic foods and beverages from cultures around the world. The companies share a mission dedicated to social responsibility, sustainable agriculture and providing nutritious products that enhance health.

The Power of Partnerships & Common Missions

Visitors to the Power Foods Group ‘pavilion’ will groove to the beats of world music while they fuel themselves with Guayaki’s Organic Yerba mate drinks, Sambazon’s Açai juices, smoothies and new organic energy drink (Amazon Energy), Manitoba Harvest’s nutritious hemp foods and Hemp Bliss organic hempmilk, Amazing Grass’ delicious Superfood drinks and Big Tree Farms’ Raw Cashews, Cacao Nibs and Wild-Harvested Jungle Honey. The Power Foods Group members get more bang for their buck (and you for yours) by sharing resources on marketing projects, event booths, sponsorships, product demonstrations and communications. All of the Power Foods Group members follow the 'triple-bottom-line' business philosophy of measuring social, environmental and financial success and each of them have been recognized by various industry awards for social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility.

Powerful Nutrition

The foods and drinks featured at the Power Foods Group pavilion offer a wealth of nutrition and energy. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils provide an impressive profile of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, all essential amino acids (protein), fiber and vitamins. Guayaki Yerba Mate is a stimulating rainforest beverage that contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and has more antioxidants than green tea. Big Tree Farms cacao is high in antioxidants, mood-boosting theobromine and essential minerals including magnesium. Sambazon Açai is a wild harvested Amazon palm berry that is packed with powerful antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids and minerals. Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Chocolate Drink Powder is a premium blend of superfoods, including organic wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, chlorella and broccoli that is combined with the great taste and health benefits of organic cacao. Please see the company profiles section below for information about more of the products the companies offer.

The Power of Mystique – Ancient Origins

The products at the Power Foods Group pavilion have a rich cultural history, and each has recently been re-discovered with the intent of bringing them to a North American audience that is seeking energy and connectedness in our increasingly fast paced and globalized society. Guayaki’s Organic Yerba Mate is grown in the South American rainforest where it has been celebrated for centuries as the “drink of the gods.” Big Tree Farms sources their cacao, known as the “food of the gods,” directly from producers in Bali. Sambazon Açai is sustainably harvested in the Amazon Rainforest, where it has been a dietary staple of the Amazon people for centuries. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed is an ancient, eco-friendly crop grown without pesticides and herbicides and certified organically on the prairies of Canada, and Amazing Grass is a small family company with deep agricultural roots in the heartland of the USA.

Power Foods Pavilion Company Profiles

While most green companies are scrambling to find ways to buy carbon offsets outside their own value chain to achieve a carbon neutral footprint, Guayaki ( has set the bar higher by announcing the first carbon subtracting products. At Green Fest, Guayaki will be presenting San Mateo Loose Yerba Mate and Traditional Loose Yerba Mate, new organic beverages that achieve this due to the vast carbon sequestration that occurs in the vibrant South American rainforest where Guayaki’s organic yerba mate is sustainably harvested. A decade ago, Guayaki started a ‘green’ beverage revolution by bringing a cultural South American rainforest drink to the U.S. and creating innovative styles preferred by Americans. Their success building demand for organic yerba mate on this continent has created economic opportunities that empower indigenous communities to protect the rainforest and their way of life. Guayaki calls this concept Market-Driven Restoration™. Guayaki will also be featuring their award-winning bottled Organic Yerba Mate Drinks at Green Fest.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils ( is the largest farmer-owned, vertically integrated , fresh-on-demand hemp food manufacturer in North America. Manitoba Harvest contracts thousands of acres of hemp seed production in Western Canada with dozens of farmers, many of whom are shareholders. In addition to being the most balanced source of omega-3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids including GLA and Steriodonic Acid, hemp seed is an impressive source of whole protein and balanced healthy fiber, and it offers an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Manitoba Harvest offers cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Shelled Hemp Seed, Hemp Seed Butter, Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Protein Powder with Fiber and Hemp Bliss organic hempmilk. Last year, Manitoba Harvest launched Hemp Bliss, the first and only line of organic non-dairy hempmilks, which earned the 2007 Best New Food Product Award at the Natural Products Expo East trade show. Hemp is also one of the best examples of sustainable agriculture. Hemp is naturally pest-resistant, and because hemp plants grow rapidly and close together, they crowd out weeds and don’t need herbicides.

Sambazon ( is the world’s largest supplier of Açai pulp and Açai products including Organic Ready-to-Drink Smoothies, Organic Açai Juices, a new Organic Açai Energy Drink (Amazon Energy), Smoothie Packs, Ready-to-Blend Concentrates, PowerCaps and PowerScoops. In Brazil, Sambazon helps promote the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest through sustainable agro-forestry as well as contributing economic benefits for the indigenous people of the Amazon. Working with the local NGOs, Sambazon is building a sustainable supply of Organic Açai, while employing over 5,000 local people in the Amazon who help harvest Açai under Sambazon’s certified USDA Organic and Fair Trade program.

The company mission at Amazing Grass is simple: “Help people reach their pinnacle of health through better nutrition and an active lifestyle, while being conscious of the footprint we leave on this planet and the lives we touch.” Amazing Grass organic green superfoods provide the most potent, convenient and affordable way to help achieve the recommended daily quota of fruits and vegetables. Starting with cereal grasses grown on their family farm in Kansas, Amazing Grass produces organic Wheat Grass, Green SuperFood, and delicious Chocolate Green SuperFood and Kidz SuperFood drink powders. Amazing Grass products provide amazing energy and amazing health at grower direct prices. To find out more about who they are and how they can help you reach your full potential, please visit

Big Tree Farms ( brings premium sustainable foods to world markets via direct equitable trade. Based at origin on the island of Bali, Big Tree Farms partners with small farmer co-ops, international NGOs and development institutions in order to create transparent, socially equitable supply chains from producer to consumer. At the Green Festival, Big Tree Farms will be presenting SweetTree Organic Low Glycemic Evaporated Palm Nectars, Thrive Authentically Raw Cold-Cracked Cashews, Thrive Raw Balinese Cacao and Cacao Nibs, Wild-Harvested Jungle Honey, Single Blossom Tropical Honeys, Handcrafted Pyramid Sea Salts and Rare Peppercorns. Throughout their sustainable supply chains on over 11 islands throughout the Indonesian archipelago, Big Tree Farms is manifesting a direct social and economic benefit to over 5,000 farmers through market access, sustainable agriculture training programs, value-addition education and direct financial assistance. Recently, Big Tree Farms was honored by the World Resource Institute as one of the 10 most exciting "rising social ventures" in the world.

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