Fruit & Vegetables Mix Drink

Fruit & Vegetables Mix Drink
Record ID: 1226501
Company: Buana Tirta Utama
Brand: NutriSari
Category: Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Sub-Category: Fruit/Flavoured Still Drinks
Country: Indonesia
Date Published: 06 Jan 2010
Launch Type: New Formulation
Price in local currency: 24500.00
Price in US Dollars: 2.59
Price in Euros: 1.73
Bar Code: 749921006738

Product Description
NutriSari Fruit and Vegetables Mix Drink is available in a new multipack containing six units. This halal certified product is also said to be more balanced and nutritious than the previous drink and is claimed to provide natural antioxidants and free radicals. The drink is made with the following fruits and vegetable concentrates: orange, carrot, guava, grape, broccoli, and apple. It contains beta-carotene, lycopene, anthocyanins, chlorophyll and inulin to help maintain the digestive system.

Product Variant


Format Type


Fruit & Vegetables Mix Drink

Orange & Carrot & Guava & Grape & Broccoli & Apple

Functional - Digestive

Ingredients: Water, sucrose, orange concentrate, pink guava concentrate, apple extract, carrot concentrate, grape extract, broccoli extract, vitamin, acidifiers (citric acid, sodium citrate), stabilizer (CMC), cellulose, fiber inulin, chlorophyll
Nutrition: Per 200ml serving (6 servings per pack): Energy 100kcal, Total fat 0g (0% RDA), Protein 0g (0% RDA), Total Carbohydrate 24g (8% RDA) (of which Fiber 3g (10% RDA), Sugars 18g), Sodium 35mg (1% RDA), Vitamin A 200 IU/UI (10% RDA), Vitamin B1 0.12mg (10% RDA), Vitamin B3 2.4mg (15% RDA), Vitamin B6 0.4mg (30% RDA), Vitamin C 90mg (100% RDA), Vitamin E 4mg (25% RDA), Folic acid 0.04mg (10% RDA)

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