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Fruitology, Inc. to Boost Brand New Energy Shots with KonaRed Coffee Fruit from Sandwich Isle Trading Company

CARSON CITY, Nev.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fruitology, Inc., developers of such high quality, distinctive, wholesome beverages and supplements as the Frut A Vie brand, is pleased to announce three brand new Energy Shots with super ingredient KonaRed Coffee Fruit. The delicious new beverage flavors, Orange Caramel, Chocolate Cherry and White Chocolate Raspberry, will begin appearing on shelves in January 2010 and boast the energy equivalent of one premium cup of gourmet coffee in just 2.5 ounces.

In keeping with Fruitology’s promise to deliver only the healthiest of products to its consumers, each shot-sized beverage is hot-filled, allowing the product to remain “all natural” and preservative free while retaining all of the great taste and nutrition. Known for its incredible nutritional properties, anti-oxidant power, and energy value, the addition of the coffee fruit is also in keeping with their mission to enhance the well-being of people around the world. By entering into a licensing agreement with Sandwich Isle Trading Company, parent company of KonaRed Coffee Fruit, Fruitology hopes to continue to extend their line of high quality products.

“The addition of KonaRed Coffee Fruit to our gourmet Energy Shots is a fantastic addition to our high quality super fruit line of supplements,” said Laurie Speaks, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fruitology, Inc. “We are truly excited to be able to offer consumers such a healthy product to enrich their lives.”

“Today is an extraordinary day for KonaRed Coffee Fruit, its employees and suppliers, as we entered into a license agreement with Fruitology, Inc., an established market leader of consumer products in the big box retail channel,” states Shaun Roberts, founder and CEO of KonaRed. “KonaRed Coffee Fruit is looking forward to supplying Fruitology, a company with a solid reputation for producing quality consumables, for the Coffee Fruit Energy Shot and additional products in the near future.”

About Fruitology, Inc.:

Fruitology, Inc. is the maker of the finest quality, distinctive, wholesome beverages and supplements who strives to enhance the well-being of people around the world. Founded by a committed group of food technologists, their combined desire and passion has resulted in the formulation of products that the whole family can enjoy. Fruitology, Inc. can be reached at 888-934-3788 or

About KonaRed:

KonaRed was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Kalaheo, Hawai’i. KonaRed’s core focus is bringing the health-promoting superfruits of Hawai’i to the dietary supplement, functional food and personal care markets. KonaRed can be reached at 808-634-6072 or

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