Functional ingredients company news - December 2009

Blucrans wins taste award
Blucrans All Natural Blueberry Infused Sweetened Dried Whole Cranberry, by Decas Cranberry Products, has been recognized for its outstanding taste by iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute), an association of chefs and sommeliers. Blucrans was developed for consumers who want the health benefits of both blueberries and cranberries. The 100 per cent natural product contains blueberry juice infused into a dried whole cranberry. One serving (40g) of Bluecrans contains the type-A proanthocyanidin equivalent of one glass of cranberry juice cocktail and the juice equivalent of 20 fresh blueberries. Blucrans is a flagship product in Decas' expanding line of Fruitaceuticals-enhanced dried cranberries including Pomacrans, Omegacrans and Grapecrans.

Contract manufacturer focuses on children
A new contract-manufacturing company has launched all-natural, all-fruit snacks for children. The Niagara Natural Fruit Snack Co creates its products in an HACCP-approved, nut-free facility, and its packaging allows for high-quality, unique packaging formats. Last winter, the company opened its facility in the former CanGro Foods plant in the rich fruit-growing region along the US-Canadian border. The company is able to produce 200,000 units per day.

Fund accelerates mix1 expansion
mix1 Beverage Co of Colorado closed its first round of institutional funding with a $6 million investment from the Highland Consumer Fund. The funding is being used to accelerate the national rollout of mix1's products: an enhanced protein pre/post-workout and meal replacement shake, and a high-antioxidant fibre drink with the antioxidants of nine servings of fruits and vegetables and 8g of fibre. mix1 co-founders include beverage industry veteran Greg Stroh, a co-founder of IZZE Beverage Co; Dr James Rouse, a naturopathic physician, yoga instructor and Ironman triathlete; and Wes Brasher, formerly beverage category manager for 7-Eleven.

Joint-health ingredient NSF certified
UC-II undenatured type II collagen, InterHealth's joint-health ingredient, has earned GMP certification by NSF International. UC-II is a natural, patented, clinically proven ingredient single-sourced and manufactured in the United States for joint health. Recent randomised, double-blind, clinical research has shown that 40mg of UC-II a day is more than twice as effective as 1,500mg of glucosamine plus 1,200mg of chondroitin in increasing joint comfort, mobility and flexibility.

Cyvex launches industry blog
In a move to continue to take advantage of modern communications technology, Cyvex Nutrition has announced it has created an industry blog: The blog features discussions by industry experts and Cyvex's own executive personnel, such as company president Matthew Phillips, research director Tatiana Anguelova and founder Gilbert Gluck. It also features commentary from other industry experts and consultants. Visitors can post comments and questions, and comments will be monitored for appropriate content.

HerbaZorb technology made available
RZN Nutraceuticals of Florida, a developer of herbal products, plans to make its HerbaZorb absorption and delivery-system technology available to manufacturers of herbal supplements and herbally enhanced foods and beverages. The technology was developed by Mark Lubin, a 25-year veteran biomedical engineer and research scientist, out of his research developing two of the firm's most popular offerings, Arthri-Zen Relief and Migra-Zen Relief PLUS. Seeking to maximise the performance of the formulations, Lubin focused his efforts on ensuring the rapid and effective absorption of active ingredients. Products made with the resultant HerbaZorb system have been clinically tested, and RZN Nutraceuticals subsequently applied for and received Notice of Allowance for its patent application by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Novus donates zinc for children
Novus International of Missouri has partnered with Vitamin Angels on a humanitarian programme that supplies children with zinc in order to relieve severe diarrhoea. As part of the partnership, the company has committed to making significant donations in the way of monetary funds, as well as raw-material zinc. The programme will be launched in Sauri, Dertu and Eldoret, Kenya, with plans to extend to other areas of need worldwide.

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