Functional ingredients industry chatter

Julian MellentinProbiotics prowess
"Demos is right on the money because in America's future digestive-health market, it is beverages, especially dairy, fruit juice and yoghurts, that will dominate, as they do elsewhere in the world, and for the same reasons of convenience."

New Nutrition Business editor Julian Mellentin, on White Wave soy milk founder Steve Demos' new US venture in probiotic juice

Garlic: herb or med?
"This judgment is historic. It lays down very specific criteria that member states must respect when making the distinction between food use and medicinal use of botanicals."

— Secretary general of the European Botanical Forum, Patrick Coppens, on the importance of a European Court of Justice ruling forcing Germany to classify garlic as an herbal supplement, not a medicine, as it had been doing?

Down on upper safe levels
"The resulting maximum levels, should these be implemented in law, would prevent many consumers from ingesting the levels of vitamins needed for optimal health, and would also greatly interfere with consumer choice."

— Dr Damien Downing, medical director of the pan-European trade group, Alliance for Natural Health, on the impact of the European Commission's proposed upper safe levels for nutrients in supplements

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