Functional Ingredients industry chatter

Profiting with probiotics
"Nobody would have bet that a yoghurt made to help you go to the toilet more often would be a success."

— Danone CEO, Frank Riboud, to TIME magazine. Danone's spoonable and drinkable versions of probiotic yoghurt have combined global sales of more than $3 billion per year.

Greg MannOld, reliable superfruits
"Traditional fruits, such as apples and bananas, will re-emerge as key players in the functional-foods area by doing more science to demonstrate tangible health benefits. While these fruits often make up a large portion of products such as smoothies, they are seldom the headline ingredient — a role usually assigned to more exotic fruits."

— Greg Mann, general manager for business development, HortResearch, at the Healthy Foods European Summit

Windfall from GMPS
"While no doubt the legislators had small businesses in mind when they drafted this regulation, it looks like for the next couple of years at least, smaller operations are going to struggle to understand just what it is they have to do to become GMP compliant. ? It's definitely a good time for GMP consultants."

— Aaron Secrist, quality manager at Utah-based supplements producer Nature's Way

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