Functional ingredients industry signposts: Hints of things to come

Health-conscious brits
"Health and well-being should continue to be key drivers of growth in the UK soft-drinks industry. [About] 61 per cent of soft drinks are now low calorie or no added sugar, and this trend is set to continue."

— British Soft Drink Association director general Jill Ardagh, in the group's latest annual report

Trying times for retail
"The retail industry has never before faced so many challenges."

— Jose Luis Duran, French interntaional hypermarket chain Carrefour's CEO, about commodity prices in the food industry

Shipping and emissions
This year the European Commission in Brussels announced that all freight-carrying flights into and out of the European Union would be included in the trading bloc's emissions-trading programme by 2012, meaning permits will have to be purchased for the pollution they generate.

— New York Times, April 26, 2008

Organic labelling woes
"Processors and retailers who have been rushing to re-design labels and packaging now have to put that on hold again, even though they've already gone to the expense of starting the process."

— Richard Jacobs, chief executive of Organic Farmers & Growers, UK organic certifier, in response to IFOAM scrapping a proposed EU organic logo

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