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glacéau® introduces vitaminenergy(TM), the modern era of energy drinks

Whitestone, NY - Evolution is a good thing, right? just think, if you didn’t change, you’d still be rocking your calculator watch, wearing parachute pants, sporting your fifth grade mullet and using expressions like “gag me with a spoon.” evolution is a good (and necessary) thing for energy drinks, too. See, other energy drinks are full of artificial ingredients that not only taste bad, they also set you up for a quick take off and an even quicker crash. Luckily for you, glacéau®, the innovators of the enhanced water category and makers of vitaminwater®, smartwater®, fruitwater® have taken matters into their own hands, and are pleased to introduce a brand new way of thinking about energy drinks…vitaminenergy™. Vitaminenergy represents the evolution of energy drinks. Unlike the current offerings on the market which are driven by caffeine, loads of high fructose corn syrup, sodium and artificial flavors, vitaminenergy is built around a nutrient platform providing natural energy in three great flavors.

Vitaminenergy offers a heightened level of energy through a powerful combination of c+b vitamins for metabolic energy, ribose for sustainable energy and purposeful levels of natural caffeine for an added boost of immediate energy. Unlike other energy drink options, vitaminenergy uses natural ingredients, has no artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, herbals or sodium.

“Through science, we have been able to create a unique energy drink that is fueled with nutrients,” said j. darius bikoff, founder and ceo, glacéau. “We have heard that our consumers are looking for even more energy these days, and most are turned off by current energy drink offerings on the market. They’re looking for natural, sustained energy, which is what vitaminenergy is all about…not a quick sugar/caffeine spike from artificial ingredients wrapped in scary, testosterone-driven graphics.”

Derived from the vitaminwater flavors that so many people love, vitaminenergy comes in three great tasting varieties: dragonfruit 9, fruit punch 21 and tropical citrus 18. The 16-ounce cans are available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $2.29.

About glacéau
It all started when one thirsty man named darius wanted better water, but couldn't find any worth drinking, so he decided to make his own. Along came a guy from queens named mike (he’s like darius’ robin…but don’t tell him that) and because mike has a gift for gab, it’s no wonder word got around, thus emerged glacéau, a fresh new approach to bottled water. Today glacéau, the creator and leader of the enhanced water category and maker of vitaminwater®, fruitwater® and smartwater®, is the #3 bottled water, growing 100+% annually. It is tracking to be the #1 bottled water brand in the united states. Now with 1,000+ full and parttime employees, (that’s a big holiday party) glacéau is all about helping thirsty people like you hydrate responsibly with products that are free of sodium and artificial ingredients. That means no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors and especially no artificial intelligence (never to be trusted). for more information visit

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