Glanbia Nutritionals Cuts the Cost of Innovation

Leading ingredients expert Glanbia Nutritionals showcased its expanding portfolio of premix, flax and dairy-sourced ingredients at this year’s IFT in Anaheim. Glanbia Nutritionals revealed its latest innovations including OptiSol™ functional solutions, a portfolio of products designed to ramp up productivity and profitability in applications as diverse as meat, dairy, bakery and dressings.

In response to industry-wide demand for more affordable ingredient alternatives, Pizzey’s Nutritionals, a Glanbia Nutritionals company, has invested its flax technology in OptiSol™ 5000. This flax-derived innovation replaces costly components such as emulsifiers, gums, gluten and hydrocolloids, for a more natural, great tasting, and wholesome proposition at a reduced cost. With OptiSol 5000, manufacturers can create all-natural, better value baked goods, pasta, sauces and convenience foods that don’t compromise on eating quality. And they get the added benefits of omega-3s, fiber and lignans at no additional cost.

Building on its extensive dairy expertise, Glanbia Nutritionals’ OptiSol 1000 is a whey-based emulsifier with valuable functional and cost-saving benefits. In applications such as dressings, soups, sauces bakery and beverages, OptiSol 1000 provides opportunities to increase yield, improve texture, reduce other ingredients in formulation and reduce cost in a finished product. OptiSol 1000 delivers excellent emulsification, water-binding and gelation properties. By replacing conventional solutions like soy protein and eggs, the ingredient overcomes flavor, limited pH range, allergen, handling, and quality issues while minimizing cost.

Glanbia-owned Seltzer Nutritional Technologies focused on fortification at this year’s IFT. Visitors were introduced to the latest Mix On Command (MOC) technology – a convenient route to adding flavor and fortification to ever-popular bottled water. MOC bottle caps can be screwed onto a standard bottle of water to deliver an instant shot of energy-boosting nutrients. Each ready-to-mix cap contains a blend of protein-rich Provon™ A290, whey protein isolate, plus vitamins B, C and taurine. Seltzer’s premix experts are well placed to support manufacturers of bars, beverages and functional foods through every step of the fortification process.

Pizzey’s Nutritionals, a Glanbia Nutritionals company, highlighted UltraGradTM, the only dry ingredient on the market to combine all three omega-3 essential fatty acids: ALA, EPA and DHA. A highly stable, patented blend of flax and fish-sourced EFAs, UltraGrad offers functional food and beverage manufacturers a uniquely process-tolerant, clean-tasting omega-3 solution.

Glanbia Nutritionals, a division of Glanbia plc, is an innovator in the expert delivery of science-led ingredients and customized solutions for a broad range of industries. These include functional foods and beverages, performance nutrition, weight management, health & wellness, and personal care.

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