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GrapeWise Wine Flour Provides Potent Benefits

NEKOOSA, WI – Stephen Lukawski, President of Market-Wise Nutrition, LLC, USA has announced that his company, in partnership with Northern Light Food Processing, has launched GrapeWise Wine Flour™ to its line of branded nutritional fruit-derived ingredients.

“This distinctive nutraceutical provides the known red-wine benefits in such products as enhanced waters, juices, nutritional bars, smoothies, snacks, cereals, breads and muffins, and even pastas,” says Lukawski. “Our groundbreaking new GrapeWise Wine Flour™ is abundant in resveratrol (found in red grape skins) and has a high-ORAC value, plus it contains omega-3 and 6 EFAs.”

The wine flour is made with a proprietary blend of the whole grape that undergoes Northern Lights Food Processing’s patent-protected drying process that maintains bioactive nutrients that high temperatures would otherwise destroy. “Because of the patented manufacturing process, our red wine flour is especially useful in the baking industry as it acts a recipe enhancer, promotes stability and inhibits mold while adding moisture for a higher yield,” Lukawski says. “When used in bread, for example, it also has 200 percent of the daily fiber requirement and is also excellent for gluten-free recipes.”

The health benefits of wine flour are very attractive. Scientists now believe that the antioxidant polyphenols in wine grapes may be responsible for preventing the accumulation of oxidized cholesterol confirming findings from epidemiological studies that have demonstrated lower risk of heart attack among wine drinkers.

A team from the Rambam Medical Center’s Lipid Research Laboratory in
Israel standardized freeze-dried powder made from fresh California grapes. Thirty mice bred to develop the condition were assigned to consume either water alone (control), 150 mg. total polyphenols per day in the form of grape flour or the equivalent amount of glucose and fructose (placebo) in drinking water for 10 weeks.

Grape flour consumption reduced the atherosclerotic lesion area by 41 per cent compared to the control or placebo mice; report the researchers in the April issue of the Journal of Nutrition (vol 135, issue 4, pp 722-8). They said that the antiatherosclerotic effect was at least partly due to a significant 8 percent reduction in serum oxidative stress, an up to 22 percent increase in serum antioxidant capacity, and significant reduction in macrophage uptake of oxidized LDL.

Another benefit of GrapeWise Wine Flour™ is that when used in breads, for example, it extends the shelf life due to the proprietary technology that removes the naturally occurring fatty acids contained in the raw material grape skins and seeds that can cause potential rancidity.

GrapeWise Wine Flour™ is gluten-free, Kosher certified and available in both merlot and cabernet sauvignon varieties for different flavor profiles. This autumn will see the launch of Organic Merlot Wine Twisters, gourmet pretzels made with GrapeWise Wine Flour™, for sale in the U.S. and Canada.

For dietary supplements, GrapeWise Wine Flour™ may be marketed as a protein-rich antioxidant supplement that also contains calcium and iron.

About Northern Lights Food Processing
Northern Lights Food Processing, LLC is a GMP manufacturer and processor offering quality fruit ingredients. The company performs low-temperature drying, cold pressing, automated milling and blending of specialty fruit powders and oils in its state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehouse storage facility. NLFP utilizes proprietary low-temperature drying technology and unique cold-press proprietary technology for fruit oils, such as cold pressed cranberry seed oil (Cranwise™ Omega Oil) and fruit flours such as patented CranWise cranberry protein flour. The ingredients are produced with no chemicals, solvents, preservatives, sugars, flavorings, colors or enzymes. The unique cold pressed and cold filtered Cranberry Oil recently was recognized as “GRAS”

About Market-Wise Nutrition
Founded by Stephen Lukawski in 2000, Market-Wise Nutrition establishes alliances with ingredient producers to sell, market and distribute science-based and innovative natural ingredients for dietary supplements, food, beverages and cosmeceuticals that promote a healthy and natural lifestyle. Market-Wise Nutrition has established itself as a reputable supplier of science-based raw materials with a principal focus on consumer safety, environmental sustainability, and product efficacy. Market-Wise has successfully demonstrated its abilities in strategic planning, product development, research and marketing, resulting in an ongoing annual growth rate that keeps pace with the industry. Log onto

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