Helios TransportC-PLUS finds new beverage home

Function Please launched TransportC-PLUS in a liquid power shot called Immunity Please.

Helios Corp. is pleased to announce a new partner company using Transport C-PUS in a beverage formula. Previous successes have been in effervescence via companies such as NOW Foods as Effer-C™ plus AlphaSorb-C™, and Swanson as Energy-C™. Brands that are making a big imprint in the effervescence market, while consistently differentiating from virgin vitamin C with the support benefits of TransportC-PLUS®.

Helios has confirmed that Function Please LLC launched TransportC-PLUS in a liquid power shot called Immunity Please. The unique part of this story is that the maker has virtually no label claims but depends on the performance that TransportC-PLUS provides to the users of vitamin C by linking to the benefits consistently noted in reference points related to 18 published vitamin C studies. Function Please is linked the published studies for Vitamin C and utilizing the broader performance benefits and claims with TransportC-PLUS.

The U.S. market has been missing the ability to utilize an effective high-absorption vitamin C in a variety of formulas until now. TransportC-PLUS® provides the science and performance to maximize the benefits of virgin vitamin C, with in vitro and also human in vivo evaluations.

TransportC-PLUS has consistently demonstrated that the powerful combinations within the patents we designed is potentially the “Next Generation Vitamin C.” With a proven track record of performance, TransportC-PLUS continues to translate the ideology of how vitamin C works and performs. Virgin vitamin C can be almost fully discharged into the kidneys anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes depending on body mass and metabolism, whereas TransportC-PLUS has demonstrated significantly better performance and thus longer staying power in the body versus virgin vitamin C.

The depth of data demonstrating longer availability of vitamin C was finally taken to the next level when privately endorsed research showed in vitro that alpha-lipoic acid significantly diminished the oxidative stress that vitamin C was going through in a blood serum model.

With that missing piece, Helios, in conjunction with partners, developed a multivariation global patent that defined various combinations built around the notion that ALA would enhance or extend the availability of vitamin C in the bloodstream, thus allowing vitamin C to transport into various storage cell groups at a significantly faster rate. Therefore, avoiding most of the oxidative stress to their vitamin C, or avoiding a significant discharge of the vitamin C via the kidneys.


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