Ito En Launches "Ichi Nichi Bun no Ryokuoushoku Yasai" Beverage

On 17 November, Ito En Ltd. will launch “Ichi Nichi Bun no Ryokuoushoku Yasai (Daily Beta-Carotene Vegetables)” beverage, its first chilled product under its mainline “Ichi Nichi bun no Yasai (Daily Vegetables)” brand. The product is formulated so that one cup contains 120 g of vegetables high in beta-carotene: the recommended daily intake as specified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The beverage is made using carrot juice as a base, with a total of 28 vegetable juices included. Being chilled, and with no added sugar or salt, the beverage has a fresh and natural taste. Priced at JPY 298 per 1 liter carton.

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