Ito En Launches Sugar-Free Zero-Calorie Canned Coffee, "W Oishii Diet Tourui Calorie 0"

Ito En Ltd. will launch a sugar-free zero-calorie canned coffee called “W Oishii Diet Tourui Calorie 0” under their “W” coffee brand on 25 August 2008. The coffee is made mainly using high-quality Mandarin coffee beans, contains no sugar and has no calories. This will be the second product launched in the “W” series since “W Oishii Diet Mutou 80% Cut” was launched in June. The “W” brand of canned coffees is characterized as being “delicious” and “high in polyphenol”; in fact this product contains 50 mg of chlorogenic acid (the polyphenol found in coffee), which is twice as much as is standard in the company’s other products. The product will be priced at JPY 120 for a 190 g can.

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