Livengood | Nowack’s ‘Viva la Pasture’ awarded ‘Best Overall Print Ad’

Organic Valley receives IDFA honors

Portland, Ore. (April 8, 2008) – The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) honored Livengood | Nowack’s “Viva la Pasture” print ad on behalf of Organic Valley. The awards were given on March 13 at the IDFA SmartMarketing Conference 2008 Achieving Excellence Awards ceremony held in New Orleans, La.

Organic Valley’s “Viva la Pasture” took home the top award for Best Overall Print Ad. The company’s “Viva la Pasture” print ad portrayed a “revolutionary cow” to contrast with traditional warm and fuzzy advertisements of happy cows on family farms. The ad was part of a campaign that included Cows Unite webisodes, ads, posters and collateral.

Rick Dalbey, Creative Director at Livengood | Nowack, noted that the amusing notion of cows organizing a revolution earned Organic Valley 61 million impressions and 11 thousand new registered email members. The nontraditional campaign was produced at half the cost of a full page national print ad, and garnered 30 times the impressions.

“It takes a client with imagination and guts to approve an edgy viral campaign based on an elaborate hoax,” Dalbey said. “It’s really heartening to see the dairy industry recognize and honor something unusual and entertaining, yet effective.”

Livengood | Nowack started working with Organic Valley, a Wisconsin dairy cooperative, in 1997. For over a decade now, the agency has supported their marketing communications needs from package design and trade show booth design to fully integrated trade and consumer advertising efforts. During this time, Organic Valley has grown to become one of the largest and most trusted names in the organic industry. Visit for more company information.

Founded in 1976, Livengood | Nowack creates and produces a wide array of effective marketing and advertising solutions in all media for consumer and business-to-business clients, big and small, local and national. With experience ranging from industrial manufacturing to organic and sustainable agriculture, Livengood | Nowack is a valuable ally in building clients’ brands and their businesses. Please visit for more information.

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