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Low-Acid Coffee Breakthrough: Acid Reflux Sufferers No Longer Must Miss Their Daily Buzz

WOODLAND, Calif., May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- A coffee new to the
supermarket shelves has been found by researchers to be over 50% lower in
acid than other leading coffees, even those mass marketed as
"stomach-friendly." This breakthrough effectively allows millions of
Americans who've been advised to avoid coffee to once again enjoy the
flavor, aroma and caffeine of authentic coffee.

"This is revolutionary news for the coffee industry, we believe, with
the rise in acid reflux sufferers in the aging baby boom population,"
observed Kerry Sachs, co-founder of Puroast Low-Acid Coffee. "Puroast
delivers the caffeine and great gourmet coffee taste that people crave
without the stomach problems caused by high acidity."

In a study completed late last year by Dr. Takayuki Shibamoto,
professor in the Department of Environmental Toxicology at the University
of California at Davis, both pH and concentrations of certain acid groups
were measured for several brands of coffee, including Puroast(R). Puroast
Low-Acid Coffee was found to have a chemistry and pH reflecting a
significantly lower acidity than the other brands tested. One key acid
group was more than half its normal concentration. This was true of both
caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties of Puroast.

"The majority of consumers' concerns about coffee drinking are the acid
reflux symptoms caused by coffee's acidic components, such as chlorogenic
acids," noted Dr. Shibamoto. "Doctors tend to recommend that patients with
acid reflux limit coffee intake. Therefore, it is important to discover a
coffee with low acid content."

Dr. Shibamoto is well known in the coffee industry for his previous
findings regarding the antioxidative benefits of coffee drinking, including
possible cancer-fighting effects. His research has been documented in
academic and industry publications.

While the current research makes no direct connection between the
chemical make up of Puroast coffee and consumer response, Puroast's
internal studies indicate that 85% of people previously unable to tolerate
the acidity of popular brands experience symptom relief with Puroast.

Initially launched in the late 1990's as a traditional coffee product,
Puroast's foray into the low-acid niche followed several years of customer
feedback about the smooth taste and easy digestion of the beverage. As
sales of low-acid orange juices introduced in 2002 by Minute Maid and
Tropicana skyrocketed to $100 million in just two years, Puroast began to
recognize the opportunity to serve and market to the estimated 15 million
Americans living with acid reflux and related ailments.

"When we re-launched as solely a low-acid coffee product, we knew that
the combination of Puroast(R)'s smooth taste and health benefits would
potentially attract millions of consumers worldwide," recalled Sachs. "But
the outcome of Dr. Shibimoto's research really solidifies this potential."

The company's products are distributed nationwide to large grocery
retailers via Tree of Life Distributors, and also are available on-line at

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