New Fibregum™ Clear, for Fiber-Enriched Functional Beverages

CNI, the world leader in Acacia gum, is proud to launch its latest breakthrough: Fibregum™ Clear, a highly purified and clarified version of Fibregum™, especially developed for the fiber enrichment of beverages.

Fibregum™ Clear is obtained through a very specific purification process and offers exactly the same benefits as conventional Fibregum™, for functional beverage applications. Developed by CNI (Colloides Naturels International), Fibregum™ is an all-natural Acacia gum particularly rich in soluble fiber (minimum 90%). Fibregum™ offers exceptional, scientifically proven nutritional properties, including a strong prebiotic effect. Fibregum™ helps balance the intestinal microflora and favors the growth of "good" bacterias (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli). The fermentation of Fibregum™ also induces the production of short chain fatty acids (SCFA), the potential health benefits of which are well known.

Fibregum™ is very well tolerated, compared to other sources of soluble fibers: it does not cause any intestinal discomfort when consumed at levels below 50g/day.

Fibregum™ Clear’ s low viscosity and excellent stability in acidic medium make it the #1 fiber choice to improve the nutritional profile of functional beverages and juices with no impact on their clarity, brightness and flavor

Fibregum™ Clear is an all-natural source of soluble fiber, and its addition in functional beverages permits claims such as “enriched with fiber" or "good source of fiber".

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