New ingredient for functional beverages

Christchurch, New Zealand, 10 July 2006 – Keratec, which is at the forefront of the new generation of keratin biotechnology, has announced the launch of a liquid version of its joint health product Cynatine FLX.

Cynatine FLX LQ™ utilises Keratec’s Functional Keratin™ technology that makes keratin – nature’s most successful building block – soluble and digestible while maintaining the protein’s functionality.

Bruce Foulds, Keratec’s CEO, says the company has been approached by several multinational dietary supplement, food and beverage companies to develop functional beverage products using Cynatine FLX LQ™.

Market testing is now underway and products could be seen in the marketplace by the end of the year.

He says that he believes the consumer market is ready for functional beverages. "Functional foods are a fast-growing market segment, and consumers are increasingly basing buying decisions on the health benefits attributed to ordinary food products."

"Functionalized Keratin is an excellent bridging product, as it allows beverage manufacturers to enter the dietary supplement market, and allows dietary supplement manufacturers to enter the food and beverage market," he says.

Keratec’s new generation of keratin products are based on the functional, soluble and digestible properties of keratin extracted from pure New Zealand wool using a gentle breakthrough, patented process.

Normally when keratin is made soluble it is de-natured by chopping up the various parts in a process called "hydrolysis"”. Keratec has developed gentle methods of extracting keratin from wool in a soluble, functional form by separating wool fibre into its constituent keratin parts without destroying the different fractions.

These "functional keratins" are then available to the body as if they were the body’s own keratin supply, to strengthen biological systems.

For more information contact:

Bruce Foulds
Chief Executive
Keratec Limited
Private Bag 4749
New Zealand
Phone: +64 (0)3 325 6687
Mobile: +64 (0) 213 35134
E-mail: [email protected]

About Keratec

Keratec is a New Zealand based biotechnology company, creating new materials from natural sources using patented technologies. Keratec has developed a backbone of core technologies for the extraction and purification of natural Keratin proteins and lipids from wool sources. Keratec currently markets its products to the Consumer Health, Personal Care and medical biomaterials sectors. Keratec is a subsidiary of Wool Equities Limited, registered on the New Zealand Stock Exchange under the code NZX: WEL.

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