New ingredients

Not-from-concentrate cranberry
Ocean Spray ITG has added a new not-from-concentrate (NFC) cranberry juice to its cranberry ingredient portfolio. This 100 per cent pure cranberry juice allows manufacturers to create premium beverages that combine the functional properties of cranberries with the sought-after 'not from concentrate' front-label declaration. Delivered fresh or frozen with a variable 6.5-8.5 Brix, NFC is suitable for creating natural fruit drinks and smoothies. In frozen form, it has a shelf life of 12 months.

Hybrid veggie and meat products
A team from The Solae Co in Missouri has invented a new generation of concepts, applications and ingredients that will allow meat companies to produce a nutritious product with virtually the same taste and texture of traditional beef or chicken. The patent-pending technology, named SoleCina, is a result of more than 10 years of research and development. SoleCina converts a proprietary blend of vegetable and meat protein into a nutritious hybrid with the consistency of cooked, whole muscle meat.? Appropriately flavoured, the final product almost perfectly mimics the taste and appearance of beef strips, chunks, patties or steak, but with considerably fewer calories, less fat and less cholesterol.?
+1 800 325 7108 (US)
+ 41 22 717 6420 (Europe)

Ingredient solution to trim sugar
Tate & Lyle's Dairy Dessert REBALANCE ingredient solution set is able to reduce or eliminate added sugars from low-fat dairy desserts. Developed by the company's European research team, Dairy Dessert REBALANCE is suitable for use in milk-based desserts with neutral pH including spoonable dairy desserts (such as crème desserts, Dutch Vla and custards). The ingredient contains modified food starch and a blend of speciality sweeteners including SPLENDA Sucralose. It also contains soluble fibre, which has a prebiotic effect. Compared?with traditional full-fat, full-sugars products, Dairy Dessert REBALANCE 033 offers a 35 per cent reduction in calories and a 47 per cent reduction in total sugars. Dessert REBALANCE 034 offers a 32 per cent reduction in calories and a 59 per cent reduction in total sugars.
+44 20 7977 6143
[email protected]

Astaxanthin powder for vegetarians
A new vegetarian astaxanthin powder, AstaREAL P2 AF, by Fuji Health Science contains two per cent astaxanthin complex. In addition to being an all-vegetable formula, AstaREAL P2 AF is directly compressible, water dispersible, very stable, flowable and free of the major allergens identified by the Food and Drug Administration. Its application areas include two- piece hard shells, tablets, powdered drinks and bars. Fuji Chemical Industry Co of Japan, parent company of Fuji Health Science, is the world's leading producer of astaxanthin.
+1 856 234 3636
[email protected]

40% co-Q10 emulsified powder
Kaneka Nutrients of Texas, a leading manufacturer of coenzyme Q10, has launched a new product, KanekaQ10 EP40AN. An all-natural emulsified powder, EP40AN is non-GMO and all components have GRAS status. It is water-based so it can be used in a wide range of products including hard capsules, chewable tablets, drinkable jelly and energy bars. And it contains 40 per cent co-Q10 — which is much higher than that of other emulsified powders, Kaneka says. The ingredient's composition is: KanekaQ10, 40 per cent; lecithin,19.5 per cent (including enzyme-modified lecithin); maltodextrin, 24.3 per cent; and sodium alginate, 16.2 per cent.
+1 281 291 4489
[email protected]

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