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New LIMU LEAN™ Launches with Three Fucoidan-Rich Formulas

Global supplement marketer LIMU keeps the focus on effective Fucoidan-based products by introducing a weight management system – LIMU LEAN™. The line represents a significant product expansion initiative for the Direct Sales Company, complementing their functional beverage, LIMU ORIGINAL™. The three new products include a meal replacement shake, digestive health cleanse and appetite controller.

With the weight management industry nearing $6 billion in revenue, there is enormous consumer demand for useful, effective products, and LIMU aims to provide a healthy, natural option educating customers on the rich benefits of marine bioactive Fucoidan. The formulas combine the studied extract* from limu moui with proven natural ingredients such as green tea, proteins, phyto-enzymes, oat fiber, and yerba mate. The synergistic formulas are designed to satisfy hunger, reduce cravings, maintain proper digestive function and boost energy as a complete system, while offering consumers a distinct advantage with Fucoidan’s weight management benefits. “The tremendous sales orders placed during our launch event in Dallas over the weekend prove LIMU Members and consumers alike are welcoming Fucoidan-based weight management products like LIMU LEAN™,” said Gary J. Raser, President and CEO.

LIMU has conducted pre-trials with 90 sales Members yielding an average weight loss of 20 pounds in 12 weeks. Offered alongside the three products is a guide to healthy eating, product use, and food journal. During the company’s recent Dallas convention, those Members with the biggest weight loss were featured, encouraging thousands more to use healthy LIMU LEAN™ and change certain lifestyle habits. Many of the Members are featured in supporting marketing materials.

“LIMU is committed to providing real solutions to the weight loss issues people face today, with reliable weight loss information and products that deliver visible, proven results,” said Raser. “Our goal is to continuously give the marketplace access to the incredible health benefits of Fucoidan-rich limu, and we have designed LIMU LEAN™ as an extraordinary system that will help our Members build their business opportunity as they share wellness worldwide.”

About LIMU™
LIMU is an established global nutritional company solely focused on marketing the rich health benefits of marine bioactive, Fucoidan. Employing a direct sales business model, LIMU continues to expand its network of Members in more than 20 countries, with tens of millions of dollars in commissions paid annually. Based in Florida, LIMU is an industry leading home-based business opportunity, helping people to enjoy a higher quality of life. For more information on LIMU and its exclusive Fucoidan product formulas, please visit

* Researchers found that Fucoidan inhibited the generation of new fat cells by up to 39.7 percent and decreased the expression of genes involved in the genesis of fat cells. Kim MJ, Chang UJ, Lee JS (Mar Biotechnol)

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