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Vitamin mineral water
Developed with the fortification expertise of LycoRed, Neviot+ is the latest entry to the fast-growing near-water category. Based upon Neviot's well-known mineral water, Neviot+ is mineral water fortified with five B complex vitamins: B3, B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid and B12. It is available in two flavours: peach and apple. The vitamins are added to mineral water naturally high in calcium and low in sodium from the Ein Zahav spring located high in Israel's Galilee mountains. A small amount of fructose and flavours is added.
+353 1 235 2162

Omega-3 skincare system
California-based phytoceutical company Acquacures has introduced what is said to be the first complete system of internal and topical omega-3 fatty acid skincare products. The Omega 3 Lipid-Rich Matrix System is formulated to address the skin's inflammatory imbalances such as eczema, psoriasis and hormonal acne; erase and prevent the recurrence of pigmentation spots; plump lipid-deficient skin and dehydration lines; reveal a glowing skin; and provide support as an internal sunscreen. The line's four topical products, named Silk, use certified-organic rose-hip, vitamin A, avocado, pumpkin-seed, blackcurrant, hemp and evening-primrose oils. To complement these paraben-free products, the new Omega Within soft-gel capsules are designed to target the skin's internal need for lipid replacement with fish oil. The products can be bought separately or as a system for $275.
+1 831 636 2088
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Highly concentrated omega-3
Nordic Naturals Physician Exclusive Division has released ProEFA Xtra, which contains an exceptionally high concentration of three fatty acids essential to human health. Each two-capsule serving of ProEFA Xtra provides 850mg EPA and 220mg DHA; two omega-3 fats from purified fish oil; as well as 257mg GLA, an omega-6 fat from borage oil, with added natural stabilisers. In addition, these essential fatty acids are delivered in natural triglyceride form, the form in which EFAs occur naturally in food and the human body. One serving of ProEFA Xtra meets the American Heart Association's recommendation of 1g of EPA and DHA for individuals concerned with heart health.
+1 800 662 2544

Flavoured cod-liver oil
Canada's Bioriginal Food & Science Corp has launched a range of flavoured fish-oil soft gels. Combining a fruity taste and aroma, they are an appealing alternative to standard fish-oil capsules, the company says. Offerings within the soft-gel range include molecularly distilled cod-liver oil, a 3-6-9 combination, concentrated EPA fish oil and concentrated DHA fish oil. Diverse product lines can be custom created. Bioriginal's flavoured soft gels are designed to overcome the most common challenges faced by manufacturers. They eliminate problems associated with unpleasant flavour or odour notes, and reduce the fishy reflux that can be a big deterrent for consumers, the company reports.
+1 306 975 1166

Grape-based spreads
Australian Harvest Fine Foods is producing a range of organic grape- and wine-based pastes designed to be served with cheeses. The pastes come in dome-shaped plastic tubs that can be a centrepiece for a cheese platter and served with Bio-Grape Fine Water Crackers, which are fortified with grape-seed extract. Australian Harvest Pastes and Crackers are made with extracts from the skins and seeds of red-wine grapes called BIO-GRAPE. BIO-GRAPE is extracted from the marc (from the French word meaning 'to press') of red-wine grapes. Marc consists of the residual skin and seed removed from the wine after crushing. The dark colour pigments from the grape skins give the BIO-GRAPE- based pastes a very high Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) rating. A food's ORAC measures its ability to neutralise free radicals and protect the body from ageing and degenerative disease.
+0011 613 9739 0203
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Protein powder with PeptoPro has extended its range of protein powders containing DSM's casein hydrolysate PeptoPro. Anapure is a pure protein-powder supplement and offers unrivalled anabolic potential for bodybuilders wanting to improve muscle-recovery time and gain in muscle mass, the company says. Available in lime and lemon flavours, Anapure is low in carbohydrates and not bitter. It comes in 300g jars with 30 servings containing 10g of PeptoPro. Made from hydrolysed proteins, which are pre-digested and therefore enter the body rapidly, Anapure is designed for use pre- and post-workout.
+1 951 461 1619
[email protected]

'Healthier' milk for China
Australian dairy company Montec International has brought its 'healthier'-milk product to China. The company owns the Asia-Pacific licensing rights to a mono-unsaturated milk, Mono-Premix, or milk that has had all the animal fat removed and replaced with vegetable fat. This makes it naturally low in fat and cholesterol. It has been sold for 10 years in Australia under the Farmer's Best brand, but China is the first international market for the product. Montec is working with Beijing dairy Sanyuan foods, which has started full-scale production for distribution in Shanghai and Beijing. Other distributors will launch the product in Shenzhen, Fujian province and Dalian. Montec has adapted the taste to Chinese preferences for a lighter, sweeter milk compared to the 'green' fresh milk preferred by Australians.
+61 2 9299 0011
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Green-tea extract bar
A new chewy mint-chocolate bar contains the added benefits of green-tea extract. High in soy protein, wheat free and only 3.4g of fat per bar, the Mintabolism Bar by Slim Secrets in Australia is entirely vegetarian and Halal accredited. It also has a low-glycaemic index. The bar is the fourth addition to the company's bar line.
+03 98248962
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Liquid HA supplement
NeoCell has developed the only available liquid hyaluronic-acid (HA) supplement. PureHA blueberry liquid is formulated to provide a low-molecular weight source of HA for better absorption by the body. The company utilises a patent-pending rooster-comb extraction process that delivers a higher concentration of HA, the company says. It also adds ellagic acid, one of the strongest antioxidants in the market today, and green-tea polyphenols (EGCG). The supplement helps replace essential fluid to joints, eyes, heart and skin, which studies have shown decrease with age.
+1 800 346 2922

Multivitamin hits the US
Multibionta, a top-selling probiotic multivitamin sold throughout Europe, is now available in the US at CVS pharmacy stores. Multibionta is composed of a three-in-one formulation including three different shelf-stable probiotic strains, as well as vitamins and minerals. It is known for its three-layer tablet and the gastro-protective coating that ensures the probiotics remain effective throughout their journey from the mouth to the intestines. The supplement contains no artificial flavours or preservatives and is gluten, yeast and wheat free.

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