New smoothies support GMO labeling effort

New smoothies support GMO labeling effort

Twenty cents of every Suja Elements Berryoxidant bottle sold will be donated to Citizens For GMO Labeling.

An exciting new fresh smoothie line being launched this week offers a great opportunity for citizen activists working to pass GMO labeling laws at the state level. Starting this week, Suja Elements™, an organic, cold pressed, Non-GMO Project Verified smoothie line, will hit store shelves exclusively at Whole Foods Markets across the country. Suja Elements includes six new flavors and Suja has chosen one charity to correspond with each fresh smoothie. Twenty cents for each bottle sold will be donated to the given charity. The Suja Elements Berryoxidant flavor, expected to be a favorite because of its’ strawberry banana flavor, has been designated to Citizens For GMO Labeling (

Citizens for GMO Labeling is a collective grass roots network of leaders, who are working in their respective states to pass GMO labeling laws. Last spring, Connecticut was the first state to pass a GMO labeling law. However, The Connecticut law will not go into effect until four states (one must be adjacent to Connecticut) with an aggregate population of 20 million within the Northeast pass similar GMO labeling laws. 

Tara Cook-Littman, the leader of GMO Free CT, the grass roots organization that championed the CT bill, is excited about Suja’s support, “Our job in CT is not complete until our bill goes into effect. We believe the “trigger” clause in our bill is a call to action and we’ve accepted that call. Citizens for GMO Labeling will provide the professional advocacy, grassroots and social media support the activists need to win. Thanks to Suja’s generosity, that support is on its way.”

As a company, Suja is committed to philanthropy and the Suja Elements line is a prime example. The other initial causes supported by the Suja Elements line include New Eyes and Teens Turning Green.  Suja has also donated to the I-522 ballot initiative on GMO Labeling in Washington State. “Through the sale of our new line of fresh cold-pressed smoothies we wish to donate more than $1 million to the various causes that we are supporting. At Suja we are passionate about label transparency and its importance to all Americans. Citizens for GMO Labeling is the ideal charity to lead this charge and we know that our donations will make a difference.”  

Zofia Hausman, the British filmmaker and leader of GMO Free PA stated that “We are grateful to Suja for their vote of confidence and belief in the grassroots work of these activists. Our partnership is proving to be a synergistic masterpiece for labeling and transparency across the United States and we couldn’t be more thrilled.” The release of Suja's Elements line is timely because of the recent lawsuit over Naked juice’s use of the term “all natural”, despite using GMOs and other synthetic ingredients. Because of the lawsuit, Naked Juice can no longer use the term “all natural”. Consumers looking for a truly natural product, can find the Berryoxidant smoothie along with other Suja Elements flavors at Whole Foods, where it is being sold exclusively.   


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