Numero Water Selects Avatar Marketing To Direct National Sales

SAN DIEGO (July 14, 2009) – Numero Water, a U.S. company offering a line of three premium natural spring waters from Japan with the highest standard of quality, taste and health benefits in mind, has selected Avatar Marketing, Inc. of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii to spearhead its North American national sales efforts for the Numero Water product line in the natural and cross-over channels.

“Numero Water is derived from the greatest natural resources in the world --- the products are unlike anything else on the market,” said Tim Smith, president of Numero Water. “We selected Avatar Marketing due to its solid track record of working effectively with high-profile consumer and natural brands.”

Numero Water is set to be the first FDA-approved bottled water product line imported from Japan. Each of the waters are derived from three separate sources in the foothills of Mt. Fuji Japan, a region located on the Izu Peninsula and recognized as one of the greatest natural resources in the world. Numero Water has numbered their waters to showcase the featured mineral attributes each possesses. The product line includes numero 29, from Izu, Tawarano, Japan, which is super-hydrating water and the softest of the three waters; numero 51, from Hakone, Japan, which is the most replenishing of the three waters which features bicarbonate great for athletes looking to recover faster after a workout; and numero 76, from Shuzenji, Japan, which features metasilicic acid and provides nutritional benefits for healthy skin, hair and nails.

“We are committed to working with Numero Water’s sales force to build brand awareness, launch their new products and implement marketing and sales programs to increase sales on a national level,” said Kim Driggs, president and CEO of Avatar Marketing, Inc.

Based in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, Avatar Marketing, Inc. has represented companies in the natural product and organic industries for nearly 26 years. Previous clients have included Kellog’s, Raw Wholeganic, Shikai Products, Aura Cacia, Kashi Company and Wisdom Herbs.

Numero Water is a company that aims to improve and enhance the lives of consumers by offering a product line of premium natural spring waters with the highest standard of quality and health benefits in mind. Numero Water is also dedicated to preserving the environment and reducing its carbon footprint by being a CarbonFree® Partner with and using promotional paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or made from 100% recycled material. For more information, visit

Since 1985 Avatar Marketing, Inc. has worked with companies and product lines entering the natural products and organic industry as well as other industries. Their focus is North America (USA and Canada). Avatar Marketing, Inc. aims to get their clients where they want to go and do it within a workable budget in a reasonable time line. Their job is to create a successful business model that gives their clients security in their every day work, grows their business and most of all, create fun in doing it! For more information, visit


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